The recent past has witnessed unprecedented growth in the advancement and global use of mobile technologies. The industry of the smartphones is driven by rapid development in technical implications. It has in fact, influenced substantially plethora of industries and modern aspects of human lives. Due to exponential and explosive growth in the sector of mobile
Game developers for mobile devices create services that can be made available for multiple platforms but with special focus on iOS and Android. The most fruitful option will be to avail a development environment that will allow you to serve multiple platforms from a single instance of game development. The first big question arises here:
In UK more than 80 percent of the population have access to smart phones. This figure includes 65 percent of the people between the age group of 65-75 years. Currently there are 3,00,000 health apps available all over the world. This number is on the rise as 200 new apps are being added each day.
The phenomenon of Augmented Reality has changed a lot from the period of late 90’s when it was mainly restricted within the science fiction stories. The technology of Augmented Reality has created a lot of attention among mobile app developers and tech giants. The application of AR based games has the ability to allow the
Casino gaming is a fascinating world and it has taken the web interface by storm. To produce supreme standards of mobile casino gaming solutions in the existing market there is an ever increasing demand for experienced software providers and developers. Casino game development is an intricate process which needs rich creative talent to develop attractive
BIS Research released its latest report which shows that the market of Mixed Reality will reach 3.68 billion USD and that of Augmented Reality will make it to 198.17 billion USD by 2025. These figures are good enough to show that both Mixed and Augmented Reality markets are growing rapidly and they have ample opportunities