We have already encountered the revolution of mobile devices across the world. With the usage of technology and the access to high-speed internet connections, mobile devices have really created a worldwide popularity that is continuously at a click’s reach to every piece of info. Furthermore, businesses have seen the advantages of having a mobile device
Mobile devices were previously utilized just as a medium of communication with people living in different locations. Nevertheless, in this current scenario, the mobile revolution has really brought noteworthy changes in the mobile gadgets by making them as the devices of fun and entertainment. A smartphone has so many usages that include chatting, sending MMS
It is the tremendous growth of game development companies in India that has led to a spurt of professional game development especially in the mobile games industry with the ability to leverage technologies such as SMS MMS and GPS. Today no Smart phone is without embedded apps and games that are its biggest attraction. With
The current scenario of mobile apps makes it necessary for every android app development company to stringently address issues that ensure the life of an app on a user’s phone. The most astonishing fact is that 70% of apps are deleted after being used once because of quality issues. Several factors could lead to poor
Every mobile game development company recognizes how gaming is growing to be the trendiest and most lucrative aspect of the mobile app industry. This is why every HTML 5 game development company should have a firm grasp of all aspects of HTML 5 as well as be acquainted with the most popular development tools of
As one of the leading game engineering platforms, Unity game development has taken a quick hold of the gaming industry because of its versatile and flexible nature. What started out as a cross platform game development tool by unity technologies has now grown into a multi platform gaming language best suited for 2D and Unity