CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


Usage of mobile apps has increased exponentially with each passing year. The huge growth of internet connected mobile devices has enhanced the usage of internet as a whole globally. Usually mobile apps are available via online app distributors-Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Store etc. Mobile apps are also regarded as a strong form
Virtual Reality (VR) environment and VR game development are both emerging as far as game development is concerned. Technology giants like Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Google, Sony, Facebook and others have contributed a lot for creating immersive games with their own VR headsets. The year 2016 saw the rise of highly advanced VR headsets which have
With the passage of time the importance of cloud computing technology has been felt in every segment of business all over the world. In fact this technology has revolutionized the business of app development for both developers and entrepreneurs. The emergence of data analytics and mobile computing trends have helped in creating apps that can
Gamification is a tool for the modern business which is used by reputed organizations for creating a new direction in meeting the goals. This tool has been mostly utilized by big brands in attracting and retaining talents. However, smaller brands can also use gamification apps for business to devise innovative programs and encourage the employees
The process of mobile app development depends on using different technologies to meet varied business objectives. However, with the advent of the latest technologies and globalization, the perspective of mobile app development has undergone a sea change. Apps now have become more interactive to enable users perform the required tasks smoothly and in a customized
Mobile game development has become a lucrative global business owing to the involvement of cutting edge technologies and creative presentation. For long smartphones due to their multi-purpose abilities have already been popular among the users globally. Addition of mobile games has made it all the more demanding and has also increased the number of smartphone