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Develop secure and robust ecommerce apps and websites.

We are involved in serving e-commerce industries with cutting-edge resources. Whether expanding customer reach or establishing a solid online presence with a seamless shopping experience, we help clients to obtain the right solutions. As a leading eCommerce development company, we offer result-oriented assistance to B2C and B2B establishments using the latest web and app development tools.

Advanced Technology Utilization

Advanced Technologywe use

As a recognized e-commerce application development organization, we use advanced technologies to make your eCommerce apps ready to satisfy future requirements.


We use AR and VR technology into our e-commerce application development services. This will allow your customers to use all items virtually before the final purchase.


We do integrate AI into your e-commerce applications to assess your customers' needs smoothly. We help you to add AI-powered chatbots into your e-commerce app.


Our eCommerce development team offers secure and robust IoT solutions. They have the knowledge of helping your e-commerce sites to leverage the power of IoT on a real-time basis.


We integrate blockchain into your e-commerce sites to safeguard the data of your customers and provide a secure environment during lending, selling, buying, etc. quite smoothly.

Features That Ensure Better Outcome

As an established eCommerce website development company, we do integrate result-oriented features that will eventually convert your viewers into loyal customers. Let’s check them out:

1. Click to Call: When building your e-commerce sites, we prioritize developing call buttons that can be easily accessed by customers to connect with a sales or customer service representative for seeking assistance. It is a vital portion of the e-commerce application development process that we accomplish properly..

2. Store Locator: We make sure that customers can locate your business from anywhere. When it comes to improving your brand reputation, we make sure that this feature helps you to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

3. Loyalty Programs: The best way to retain your loyal customers is by serving them with coupons, points, discounts, and other attractive rewards. Our team helps you to explore new options to retain existing and also to draw new customers by serving the right rewards.

4. Collect and Click Option: We know how to utilize this fascinating feature to boost your site’s customers. Our team will ensure that this feature lets customers acquire products offline from the nearby store. They simply have to press the option of click and collect.

5. Smooth Handling: We make sure that customers can use your eCommerce apps with greater convenience either with a smooth swipe or a double tap, etc. as per their convenience.

6. Strategic Placement of Buy Buttons and Products: We ensure that customers can easily view popular products on your e-commerce site without much effort and can buy them quite conveniently.

7. Multiple Payment Gateways: We make sure that users can derive plenty of secure online payment options when buying from your e-commerce sites. Our team is specialized in creating multiple payment options like PayPal, online banking, Paytm, etc.

Ecommerce Solutions Company

Our e-commerce solutions aim to elevate your business to the next best level. Our highly experienced team works hard to bring out for you a highly-responsive and robust eCommerce site with an appealing UI interface that will boost revenue generation and fulfill your goal of engaging a vast customer base. As a prominent eCommerce solutions company, we provide unlimited possibilities to establish and extend your e-commerce business by offering services like:

ECommerce website Development

Helping Industries to Grow and Thrive

We, at Red Apple Technologies, are involved in serving clients with amazing e-commerce development solutions for over a decade. Our team is specialized in building secure and robust e-commerce applications using advanced technologies. They always prioritize your business requirements and help you to visualize the best possible outcome. Our ecommerce service expertise covers industries like

1. Fashion and Clothing: Our e-commerce development team is an expert in building customized websites and mobile e-commerce apps for various reputed brands, startups, designers, etc. in the fashion world. We ensure that your fashion websites comprise:

  • Customized solutions and plans
  • User-friendly interface and responsive design.
  • Serve users with multiple payment options.
  • Instantly available solutions.

2. Travel and Tourism: We play the leading role to improve your ROI and profitability in the travel and tourism sector by focusing on engaging a vast audience base. Our ecommerce development team serves you with customized solutions depending on your business needs. They make sure that your app comes with:

  • Attractive and smooth interface
  • Provides an amazing experience
  • Boost your reputation and revenue
  • Instant solutions within your reach

3. Jewellery E-Commerce: Our team helps you to obtain highly appealing and responsive jewellery e-commerce sites using advanced technological resources. They make sure that your jewellery e-commerce store can stand out in the competition by serving customers with the products of their choice within a short duration. They take care of certain things like

  • Providing advanced functionalities and features
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Intuitive UI design
  • Convenient to manage

4. Restaurants and Takeaways: It is our responsibility to ensure that your online food ordering and delivery business can impress customers the most. Whether an established brand or a startup, we make sure that your business in this highly competitive sector can grow by:

  • Tailor-made solutions and plans
  • User-friendly interface and interactive design
  • Secure payment options available
  • Offering readymade solutions

5. Grocery: We are experts in building professional and powerful e-commerce web and mobile apps for your grocery stores. Our eCommerce application development professionals work hard to give your business site a proper look and feel to establish a strong connection with the loyal customer base. Our grocery app development service will help you to achieve dividends like

  • The latest technology inclusion
  • Interactive and simple user interface
  • Third-party integrations
  • Smooth usage

6. Pharmacy and Medical: We are committed to serving you with the best web and app development solutions for your pharmacy business. Our team will assist you to utilize the right platform that will make your e-commerce sites quite responsive and robust. Besides, they will also look after other important aspects like:

  • Smooth tracking of orders
  • Inserting drug information categorically to ensure smooth accessibility by customers
  • Offers and payments
  • Instant prescription upload and smooth login

The e-commerce business has vast potential to grow your revenue and reputation in the market. It will be worth consulting experts to achieve success in this sector. We are determined to serve you with amazing revenue-driven solutions to transform your business prospects to the next level. We will be indeed glad to serve you with the right e-commerce development solutions by using advanced resources in the industry. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to e-commerce website development, developers usually prefer platforms like Magento, Woo Commerce, Shopify, Prestashop, etc. to serve clients impressively.

The cost of developing a responsive, mobile-friendly, robust, and secure e-commerce app is usually determined by conditions like features and functionalities to be integrated, technology stacks to be deployed, maintenance, etc. Consulting a reputed e-commerce development company will help you to estimate the right cost.

For creating an engaging and scalable e-commerce app, you have to observe certain guidelines:

  • Focus on functionality
  • Concentrate on the app security
  • Create appealing UI/UX 
  • Hire experts
  • Develop a smooth purchasing process, etc. 

The exact duration to develop an e-commerce app depends on your project complexities, function and feature type integrations, UI design, and so on. You can consult an expert to know the proper budget for developing an e-commerce app.

Developing an appealing e-commerce mobile app will allow you to attain dividends like:

  • Emerge as a global brand with a massive exposure
  • Maximum customer base across the world
  • Impressive ROI within a short time
  • Elevate your business fortunes to the next level
  • Come across new opportunities.  

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