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We are really excited and proud to announce that Red Apple Technologies will be attending the India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) 2018 at Hyderabad. The event of game developers conference will take place on 4th and 5th of December. In this event we will mainly focus in showcasing our modern game development services using latest
Mobile games have become highly addictive among the avid gamers (users of smartphones) of today. Creating mobile games involves uses of latest technologies/frameworks/engines for the purpose of making them more immersive and interactive. For a Unity game development company like us, concept to creation matters a lot. We try to emphaisze upon core game mechanics
Are you looking for an experienced Unity game development company? Well you can end up your search track with us. Unity enables you to develop once and publish everywhere. We provide innovative and creative game development services using Unity for web, desktop, mobile and consoles. Although Unity is considered to be more suitable for creating
The process of mobile game development has undergone a sea change owing to the rapid progress in science and technology. The use of modern digital technologies have made mobile games engaging for the avid gamers. Among the various technologies used for mobile game development, HTML5 and Unity are the two most prominent in recent times.
Today’s modern users tend to spend lots of their time in navigating the web from the browsers using both mobile devices and desktops. Games are probably one of the popular ways through which the users prefer to interact with their mobile devices. The growing presence of internet or online connectivity has resulted in making mobile
It is a known fact that Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the basic language of World Wide Web. From the very beginning, HTML has been used for the purpose of presenting and structuring content. .Its extended version, HTML5, has brought significant improvements to the framework, enabling to be used across several application areas,