Food Ordering App

It is a food ordering application that lets you taste delicious homemade meals for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Besides, this app also allows you to place orders to taste delicious native and continental food items of your choice. This application constantly updates you on the latest food dishes with good user ratings. At the same time, it also recommends ideal healthy food items for users based on their age, gender, body weight, etc.


  • Accept and confirm orders instantly
  • Provide attractive cashback offers and discounts
  • Smooth order placement and easy payment options
  • Maintain food delivery deadlines quite consistently

Cricket Match App

Using this app enterprises can easily select the cricket match venue of their choice without spending much time and effort. This app provides full information on various corporate cricket match-hosting venues without missing any details. In this app, users can also obtain reviews on various cricket match-hosting venues. Using the app, enterprises can book a cricket ground either for specific hours or for an entire week or more. The app features a secured option to pay the rent fare after choosing the ideal cricket ground.


  • Regular updates on the latest rent discounts and offers
  • Provide information on the ground condition of various venue
  • Showcase match results of previous tournaments
  • Provide information on venue availability

Gamification App

This quiz app works on the concept of gamification. It provides fair points and rewards to players based on their quiz performance. The app grants users the privilege to participate in various quiz events through their virtual avatars. Moreover, using this engaging application, users can share their achievements with their friends and can also invite them to take part in the challenge.


  • Availability of a wide range of quiz formats
  • Serve detailed performance feedback to users
  • Provide a sense of accomplishment with competitive levels
  • Ideal for users of all ages

Language Learning App

Learning a different language using this app is always an immersive experience for users of all ages. Whether enhancing your native language skills or gaining proficiency in foreign languages, the app serves you with cutting-edge features and functionalities to obtain a satisfactory experience throughout the year. Based on the distinct learning requirements of users, the app suggests ideal learning courses that are segregated into Beginner, Intermediary, and Pro.


  • Offer language translation support to ensure better learning
  • Gamified the overall learning experience to reward users
  • Allow users to connect with the best language instructors

Night Event App

The app allows users to obtain information on various night party events at their fingertips. Based on the user's age and preference, it serves users with the ideal night events that can be attended with friends and families. Using this app, users can send invitations to their close ones to attend these exciting and rocking events very easily.


  • Smooth ticket purchasing options
  • Provide details of every night event
  • Allow users to post reviews on every night event
  • Offer advance notifications on upcoming night events

Healthcare Telemedicine App

It offers high quality, affordable medical care in the palm of your hands and is also the best way to see a doctor from home or on-the-go. Connect to the right practitioners and consult our licensed doctors by chat, audio or video. Faster and less expensive than clinic visit. Chat (offline) with a doctor virtually 24/7.


  • Connecting certified service providers
  • Uploading and maintenance of medical records
  • Access to a wide range of expert medical professionals

Doctor Booking App

This is an online medical app for health & happiness. With this app, you can book a doctor appointment, purchase medicines online, Test Reports, avail 24/7 hours blood facilities, can Book an Ambulance and get Diagnosis facilities online.


  • Medical assistance
  • Personalized care
  • Timely diagnosis
  • Ambulance facility

Mall Of the Emirates

Using this app you can avail important information about entertainment, leisure, and shopping joints in Dubai. It features more than 630 brands of international status. This apart it also has a hypermarket and different departments serving areas like electronics, lifestyle, fashion, home furnishing, sports etc.


  • Indoor location mapping
  • Information about products storage
  • Store positioning

Photo Collage Maker App

This is a great, easy to use photo editor and collage maker app that allows you to work wonders with your entire photo collection. With a simple and intuitive set of photo editing tools, it helps you get the best out of your own creativity.


  • Collage drawing
  • Photo editing
  • Designing and patterning
  • Photo texturing

SIA Swiss Squares

This applications acts as your mobile guide showing the building culture along with sighting a new perspective of using the living space. This is an AR app which takes you on a trip to have a glimpse of the important squares of the major cities in Switzerland.


  • Know the Swiss building culture with an immersive technology
  • AR view of Switzerland’s amazing architecture