The world is facing a pandemic currently and we have taken a short break from our daily life routine. A virus, which is clearly a nightmare for all of us, has taught us a lesson for life. Not only did the coronavirus impact the human population but several other domains including the economy.

However, this too shall pass. And we believe, our dedication and allegiance will encourage us to defeat the crisis. Red Apple Technologies has witnessed many ups and downs since 2011. We have always been confident and fearless in every situation. Thus, we will certainly be the same during this COVID19 pandemic.

It’s time for us to be smart and cautious rather than ignorant. Hence, we should follow some of the norms to be safe yet consistent.

  • Maintain a social distance and avoid large gatherings.
  • Follow all the preventive measures as directed by the government like washing hands, wearing masks, avoiding any touching of eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
  • Be socially responsible and keep ourselves healthy.
  • Be consistent with our business for a stable financial condition.

Amid this unfortunate situation, it’s our duty to serve our clients who rely on us for their business demands and applications respectively.

Thus, to meet these norms with safety, I hereby announce isolation and work from home policy for all our employees. We care about the physical as well as mental health of our team and currently, it’s important for us to keep it stable. We believe working from home would keep our employees close to the family and safe from the contagion.

Our work will continue following the official hours and we will remain available on different social media platforms. Besides, our business meetings will be conducted through online video conferences. However, to encourage social distancing, we are dismissing any in-person meetings until the situation gets back to normal.

Our team has all the necessary entities like secure VPN, systems, and updated devices to ensure decent work outcomes and integration among employees. We have taken adequate preparation for possible difficulties and case scenarios in the future. You can stay assured that our assistance will strictly be as per your business demands.

Red Apple Technologies with its devotion and loyalty, will remain exclusively committed to deliver you proficient outcomes, with all the specifications and requirements. I am available to answer your query at +91 8017779602. You can also mail me at arup@redappletech.com

Our heartiest gratitude goes to you for believing in us. Your partnership and faith make us stronger. We promise to stand with you amid the crisis and beyond. Take good care of yourself and your family.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

Mr. Arup Roy
Founder & CEO, Red Apple Technologies