CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


Publishing app on app store
You can always think positive of your creations with respect to mobile applications. The end customers can have a different opinion. You can only have a strong feedback by publishing your app into the app store. Hence, it becomes really difficult to predict the future of your app until and unless it is properly published.
The process of mobile application development is indeed an intense process. It involves significant resources who are skilled and experienced to understand the desired quality and its implications. The increased demand of different types of applications has called for more numbers of resources in this arena. In this competitive world people do not have much
Optimize Website
The modern lives rest on the lap of science and latest technologies. The use of technologies has increased the popularity of smartphones and personal computers. In this competitive world each and every organization is trying its bit to create a presence in the minds of its targeted customers. Developing a mobile friendly website plays a
Digital Marketing Contribute
The increase in the use of social media and internet have transformed the nature and scope of branding strategies and business development. Digital marketing is the process of advertisement of businesses, their brands and promotion by using technologies or digital media on the internet. Digital media is a vast spectrum and it includes social media
Mobile apps have become an inseparable part in today’s life. Different types of mobile apps are available now which help people to get connected with their friends, play games, transfer money, order food and book tickets, shop and for entertainment. It is important for the present day organizations to assess the consumer patterns so that
Google Pay is a recently re-branded service of Google which is an efficient platform for different payments tools. Several updates have been made to Google Pay to make it more functional and effective. The announcements of the updates have been made earlier this year but Google now says that they will actually go live in