Lately, you might have come across many cloud computing service companies who claim to offer cloud computing services for business. In fact, this novel technology is the trend and many companies are adopting it. Cloud computing service benefits are enormous. Ever wondered what is cloud computing, this article will throw some light. What is cloud
Though we are still in the first quarter of 2018, we can strongly presume that the year is going to be the year of futuristic technologies. The technology trends in 2018 which we have noticed till now, exhibits strong vibes about the upcoming technological explosion. The global practice of jaw-dropping futuristic technologies like AR, VR,
As everything is going digital so is the currency. We use electronic money drastically and bitcoin is the new sensation of the electronic work. Similar to bitcoin, blockchain is another undeniable resourceful invention. In fact, bitcoin and blockchain work hand in hand. Blockchain has grown extremely popular, blockchain for retail industry is the latest buzz.
The entire world is evolving with new technologies and IoT is the current trend. Not all, but those who are aware of it, are looking forward to home automation using IoT. There are many IoT solution providers who can help you experience IoT based home automation. But before we talk about home automation using IoT,
Gamification in the workplace can make the work even more engaging. This also helps the organization to achieve their objectives. Not only theoretical aspects, but gamification can also bring on behavioural changes amongst the employees. According to a survey conducted in 2016, it is estimated that approx. 50% of the Global 1000 companies will start
Have an app idea, what next? Every business or individual looking forward to having a dedicated mobile app has some idea, but the big question is how to get app idea developed. This article brings you a step-by-step process of how you can turn your idea into reality. Basics Of Your Business Model: For any