E-learning is a booming industry as it provides enormous flexibility to learners. E-learning is as effective and as beneficial as classroom learning. E-learning gamification is important aspect of online education. There are many benefits of gamification in education, which has made it an important part of online education. What is Gamification? Gamification is the process
You might have heard a lot about bitcoin online casino games, disaster relief with bitcoin, bitcoins for charity and more. But how many of you exactly understands what is bitcoin. What Is a Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is decentralized as it is not linked to any federal body or bank. This digital
With the recent trend of changes and advent of modern technologies, small and medium companies are trying their level best to stay updated. Brick and mortar businesses are altering their business models or updating their existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies to capture the ever growing digital marketplace. Here are some ways in which
With the growth of the internet, people have started spending more time in online casinos instead of land-based casinos. Despite offering different types of features and a larger collection of games in comparison to conventional casinos, it is impossible to provide people with the same type of experience of a live casino. But with developments
A major role in the growth of the tourism industry is played by mobile apps at present. As the use of technology in the tourism industry grows, there has been a significant change in the way travel agents work. The use of maps, guidebooks and other types of printed stuff has been done away with
Internet of Thing (IOT) is a type of ecosystem for connecting physical objects which can be accessed via the internet. The ‘thing’ in IOT might be a person who has a heart monitor or a car which is equipped with in-built sensors. Such objects have an IP address and are capable of collecting and transferring