What is Unity Game Engine

Developed by Unity technologies, Unity is a cross platform game engine. It has been primarily designed as an OS X-exclusive game engine and was first released and announced in June 2005. This versatile game engine is compatible with 27 different platforms as of 2018. It can be effectively used for creating both 2D and 3D games including simulated versions for the varied platforms. It’s latest version- Unity 2018.3 was released on December, 13 2018. An established Unity game development company can be consulted to avail customized solutions for improved engagement and increased attraction.
Unity game engine is capable in supporting the following graphics- OpenGL on macOS, Windows, Linux, Direct3D on Windows and Xbox One, Open GL ES on iOS and Android,

WebGL on web & proprietary APIs for video game consoles. For creating immersive 2D games, Unity enables in importing advanced 2D world render and sprites. On the other hand, an eminent Unity 3D Game development company facilitates in specification of texture compression, setting of resolution for each platform supported etc. This apart it also offers support towards reflection mapping, bump mapping, screen space ambient occlusion, parallax mapping etc. Unity game development services are interactive enough to boost the adrenaline rush of the gamers and make dreams a reality.


Our Unity Advantages in 3 steps

unity 3d game development offers ample benefits across wide ranges of platforms. Using this, developers can import games to Android, iOS,Web, Mac and other game consoles.

Highly Competitive

Unity uses C# as the computing language to enable developers to create multiple games for - beginners & professionals.

Strong Community

Unity's online community is a platform to learn new things for beginners. Free trials are provided through this platform.

Asset Store

Unity's Asset Store consists of assets & handy plug-ins. Free & paid tools are available here for the developers.


Multi-Platform Solutions Framework

This feature has made Unity convenient for creating time-saving ready-made modules, easy customization, notifications & updates about player levels etc for upgrading the game. Unity Physics: This feature facilitates the Unity 3D game developers to develop and observe real-time simulations depending on collision layers, skinned meshes, thick ray casts etc. Rendering: Unity supports wide ranges of file formats from softwares like Blender, 3ds Max and Photoshop. It also provides graphic development support on parallax, bump mapping etc. Red Apple as a Unity game development company initiates a thorough process right from concept to creation with every end product being an addictive and enriching experience and that covers optimum execution of Core game mechanics, providing exact prototypes, Ray casting etc.


Versatility, Ease of Access and Flexibility

As a mobile game development company, we have escalated unity 3d game development to new heights. Developers all over the world prefer this game engine because of its versatility, ease of access and flexibility. Some noteworthy attributes which have made Unity popular worldwide are:

Unity 3D now comes with free personal license which encourages developers across the globe to join its network.
Unity 3D has an expansive and a responsive support system involving contribution from developers throughout the world.
Unity includes global illumination technologies which contributes to create realistic effects for 3D environments. Two timelines can be controlled at once. It facilitates users to select reacting on frame rate or on fixed time.

The technique of Drag, Drop and Animate in Unity helps in easy handling and execution of elements like Sprites for 2D or 3D models.
Hire Unity game developer for creating immersive games across 27 different platforms. It’s compatibility with Mac and Windows has attracted developers from different corners of the world.

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