CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


Game development business like any other industries is highly competitive now. Cost effective solutions along with turnaround time and industry wide best quality are all what you require to stand out in this spectrum. We at Red Apple Technologies work with a designated team of specialized developers and designers who are skilled in delivering customised
Today’s modern lives are hard to imagine without people sharing their moments on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This trend is equally applicable for mobile gaming where players can boast of their progress and achievements, challenge friends and other gamers and generate an exciting sense of community in the process. The rising demands
Progressive web apps or PWAs have gained immense popularity these days as more and more investments are being done in the technology sector to create innovative solutions. Progressive web applications today are compatible with almost all popular web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari resulting in offering customized benefits for businesses across industries.
Games are entertaining and hence can make learning a fun process. With the immense growth and development of the edu tech industry, it is quite apparent that online learning is the next exciting thing. There have been really some big changes happening in the education field because of the integration of technology with learning. In
Games created by developers are released with the sole purpose to earn money. Everyone loves gaming as a relaxing and fun activity. Irrespective of the ages, games in some way or the other engage players-both avid and casual. While games like Fortnite and PUBG appeal to youngsters, women love playing Candy Crush, and men get
For a while now the concept of gamification has become applicable in the world of corporate training. Businesses across industries are adopting this idea to experience amazing benefits necessary for growth and development. Its popularity in the workplace has increased with time and today this technique has become a common practice across the globe. Two