Importance of AR & VR

The mobile game industry is heavily dependent on the latest technologies. Since the time when mobile games were first introduced, the entire gaming sector witnessed massive revolution in technologies. The current scenario of AR game development is a highly competitive one & every game development company wants to create a mark of its own.

In order to leave an impression for the avid gamers, mobile game development companies are looking for more interactive and distinctive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Both these techniques are capable in making games highly engaging and offering unique experience for the players. Being an AR game development company and VR game development company we focus on enabling the players to communicate with the gaming objects in their own ways. Using these technologies can change the game play mechanics and can provide unexpected

dynamism for attracting and retaining players. People who are passionate about mobile games will love to play AR and VR games for experiencing surreal feelings. The developers can now fully utilize the gaming space of AR and VR to create games that can be deployed across platforms. AS per the market survey by Nielsen Games 360 US Report 2018, approximately 64 percent of the gamers are highly aware of VR/AR gaming devices.


Distinctive Attributes in 3 steps

The distinctive attributes of AR and VR have attracted more gamers in playing mobile games.

Storytelling Stimulative

AR and VR applications create an addictive connection which enables the users in directly interacting with the digital objects.

Exciting Entertainment

AR and VR games help in grabbing attention towards the games and make playing a fun and memorable experience.

Brand Experience

AR and VR can connect your audience and offer them the desired feeling that can meet their real tastes and preferences.


Trending Features

The trending features of AR and VR have made it highly demanding among today’s gamers.

Immersive power: This is a prime feature of AR and VR which can take the gamers at the center of the game’s story-line.

The tech-oriented advanced gadgets increase the user engagement with ample interactive activities. Digitally enhanced realities offer gamers with attractive virtual objects and influences them to treat those objects as real.

Improved user experience: The AR and VR gaming solutions are apt for creating attraction among global gaming audience along with retaining them. Games developed using these technologies appeal to both occasional and

avid gamers and motivates them to spend more time in playing.

Entertaining environment: The AR game development and VR game development features are equipped with cutting edge technologies and meet the varied expectations of the players. It also contributes in expanding the gaming options to make games unique. AR/VR game development services can be tailor-made to sustain interest among today’s tech savvy players.


The 3D Gaming Industry is a Demanding One

Red Apple Technologies, is a purposeful AR/VR game development company in India that focuses on the needs of intense gaming which is a demand for AR/VR enabled 3D games.

At Red Apple, the concepts of AR and VR gaming are perceived with the aims of taking every user on an incredible adventure to give them the feel rather than just visualize the spectacular environment of Virtual and Augmented reality.

As one of leading AR/VR gaming companies, we offer interactive environment for the avid gamers across the globe. To give a glimpse of the expertise in the 3D

gaming functional aspect, Red Apple’s team has been developing games for several years pertaining to the requirements like:

  • 360 Degree View
  • Unity VR Setup Based Solution
  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Social API Integration

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