The phenomenon of Augmented Reality has changed a lot from the period of late 90’s when it was mainly restricted within the science fiction stories. The technology of Augmented Reality has created a lot of attention among mobile app developers and tech giants. The application of AR based games has the ability to allow the
Casino gaming is a fascinating world and it has taken the web interface by storm. To produce supreme standards of mobile casino gaming solutions in the existing market there is an ever increasing demand for experienced software providers and developers. Casino game development is an intricate process which needs rich creative talent to develop attractive
BIS Research released its latest report which shows that the market of Mixed Reality will reach 3.68 billion USD and that of Augmented Reality will make it to 198.17 billion USD by 2025. These figures are good enough to show that both Mixed and Augmented Reality markets are growing rapidly and they have ample opportunities
Unity game development has quickly conquered the gaming industry because of its flexible ad versatile nature. It is one of the leading game engineering platforms in recent times. The Concept of Unity started out as a tool for cross platform game development but gradually it has turned in to a multi platform gaming language. It
Mobile technology has experienced huge transformation in recent times. It is quite surprising to see how the popularity of mobile apps has grabbed the attention of the current population. The current trend shows that from kids to adults everybody is engrossed in exploring the applications of their preferences. Mobile apps presently do not only provide
Valve announced few weeks ago that it will offer gamers like you an opportunity to play on your smart phones by streaming through its Steam Link app. To ensure this kind of facility to the gamers Valve already offers a set top box. The initiative that Valve took with its online feature of playing games