CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


Esports is a normal term coined for describing video game competitions. Compared to other sporting events, games belonging to esports genre are majorly played in from of live spectators and such games can also be broadcast via internet. Esports came into existence in the 1980’s when gaming competitions began to take place in arcades. With
Augmented Reality has advanced tremendously in recent times as a new edge technique. Tech stalwarts such as Google and Apple have worked hard for developing this framework. With the advent of ARCore from Google and ARKit from Apple, the developers can now access some robust frameworks for AR app development. The implications of AR in
The global business of mobile games has experienced an exponential growth in recent years. Back in 2007, thew global games business acquired an estimated revenue of 35billion USD. To reach this figure it took more than 35 years. The main reason behind is that there were not much competitors and also the technologies were not
Augmented and Virtual Realities are both prominent technologies that have influenced all major industries including health-care. According to the reports placed by Arizton, the health-care market share with respect to AR/VR is expected to reach a value of 3 billion dollars by 2023. With these two technologies gaining momentum, various medical enterprises have already incorporated
Thorough end to end implementation of a project in an organized manner is indeed a crucial task. However with recent advanced technologies you can work with high quality project management tools to make your project development process easy and convenient. From the beginning research and development stage till the final launch, a project contains hundreds
The implications of the latest technologies have impacted various industries and banking is no exception in this regard. The advancements of technologies have made lives comfortable and smooth by enabling people avail necessary services from all corners of the globe. Today you can use your mobile phones or the smartphones to perform various complex tasks