IoT App for Fitness
The use of IoT (Internet of Things) in the fitness segment is gaining momentum with time. It is assisting fitness freaks, health instructors, and others to achieve distinct objectives with perfection. The post will shed light on: How IoT is Transforming the Fitness World? It is projected that in 2025, the market size of IoT
As the population of smartphone users is gradually rising, many industries are bringing out mobile applications. The purpose is to ensure quick service delivery, attract more customers, and fulfill other requirements. No doubt, the demand for mobile applications will continue to grow with time. But with the eruption of stiff competition in the world of
The quality of games is emerging very impressive with time. The integration of advanced technologies and unique concepts is influencing people to spend more time in gaming. Presently, the game industry is evolving as a major money-making source. The revenue generation in the online game industry will reach $33.77 billion by 2026 (Source: Statista). This
Every organization wants to serve clients with outstanding result-oriented solutions. Hence, they prioritize recruiting a highly-skilled workforce with vast industry experience. Presently, many organizations are utilizing multiple options to hire talented and highly-skilled professionals. The most noteworthy among such alternatives is dedicated hiring. Now! Let us first study: What is Dedicated Hiring? Dedicated hiring is
Every business is keen to utilize advanced technology like IoT (Internet of Things) to satisfy rising customer expectations quite immersively. Moreover, it also assists them to achieve other goals very conveniently. It is estimated that in 2023, global spending on IoT technology will reach the amount of $1.1 trillion ( Source: Exploding Topics). As such,
Gamification in Education
The education industry has long been considering advanced options to elevate the quality of learning. Gamification is emerging as a result-oriented solution that improves education quality pretty remarkably. It allows students to enjoy learning by eliminating hurdles quite smoothly. Now! Let’s first try to understand: What is Gamification? Gamification is the practice of integrating gaming