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Education has always been vital for one’s growth and uplift. It is in fact the hallmark of a student’s life. With the passage of time it has gained more importance as more number of schools and colleges have come up. It has been observed that education at times is getting bored as students lack interests
Today’s people are enthusiastic in exploring the trending ways through which our lives can be improved or made convenient. They have observed that it is science or technology that can only facilitate in executing tasks smoothly and with efficiency. Also the desired results can be obtained within a short time span. Hence people do not
Virtual Reality as it sounds is an immersive technology playing a pivotal role in influencing today’s businesses. After lots of advancements, it has become an indispensable platform for industries to interact with their existing and prospective customers. Established tech brands like Samsung, Google, HTC have their own versions of VR devices which are used by
Insights Success Magazine, a handbook for industry professionals and entrepreneurs in dealing with diverse challenges of businesses has acknowledged us in the prestigious list of  The 10 most innovative gaming service providers in India. It has introduced the company as a platform which has transformed the lives of the people in an interactive way. The
Technologies play an influencing role in our current lifestyle. There has been a tremendous growth in immersive technologies over the recent years. As a result, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality have started gaining prominence. These technologies are highly capable in transforming the user experience in the digital domain. Modern day businesses are also
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Augmented Reality due to its engaging nature is now being preferred by Museums all over the world for captivating the audience. This is because while displaying the interesting and exciting facts using AR, the audience feel more connected and interested in knowing and learning those. This technology is particularly enticing for the new generation as