Defining the Nature & Scope of Web App Development

Web app development is defined as the process of creating application programme that can be delivered to the devices of the users via internet from remote servers. Some common

examples of web apps are online retail sales, webmail, online auction etc. Considering today’s businesses,web apps have acquired a vital space. The web apps are created based on a model of 3 level software development- business, users, data services. This model is mainly followed to distinguish a web application into networks of consumers and suppliers of services.

For consumer interaction, a visual gateway is created in the level of user services. It ranges to the most complex Java

applets and COM components from the basic HTML and DHTML. The next level involves anything from server side programming to web scripting which enables the users to perform complex actions using the web-based interface. Finally, in the last and final level writable media, file systems and databases are stored. Web apps have become more interactive than before and help the users to perform the desired tasks with ease and convenience.


Key Traits of Web App Development in 3 steps

Web app development company helps in creating application programs which reside on remote servers. It can be delivered on the devices of the users via internet.

Envisioning Road-map

The first step is to establish the purposes and goals of web apps. It helps in creating a chart for a definite direction of the project.

Target Audience

The next step would be to identify the prospective audience as users of the web apps.

Layout & Wireframing

It is a vital stage and begins with creating a visual guide for enabling in smooth navigation.


Qualities of Web Apps

The qualities of web apps can be better understood in the following categories: Description: The web apps function on a remote server and can be delivered to the end users using a browser interface.

Installation: Web apps need not be installed on a device.

Access to the Features of a Device: Web apps have got limited access to the hardwares of the devices. In other words, such apps have access to bluetooth or geolocation.

Dependency of Connection: Web apps cannot function without internet connectivity.

Delivery of Update: The users can receive prompt updates.

Due to the advancements in latest technologies, web apps have become engaging and interactive and can help the users to stay updated. Web apps are also capable in performing multiple functions and attracts potential users with fruitful intents. From meeting professional requirements to playing immersive games, web apps can ensure all.

Web App Development Steps

Essential Steps for Web App Development Process

Roadmap Creation: In this stage the desired goals and objectives are chalked out. A proper chart is being made so that the project gets a definite direction.

Target Audience is Being Defined: Proper identification of the targeted audience is indeed very vital. Web apps are developed depending upon the type of audience, web access

capabilities of audience, quantitative audience statistics and level of security.

Creating Feature Summary Document: This document contains the functional and the technical specifications of the web apps that are to be developed. For a large project categorizing each type of user behaviour gets difficult. In such cases preparing this type of document becomes useful.

Selecting Technology & Specifying Web App Structure & Timeframe: In this stage technology, environment, platform, framework and structure are properly defined. Specific time period within which web apps are to be developed is also decided.

Layout & Interface Designing & Wireframing: Here the basic sketch of UI or a visual guide is prepared. After approving the interface and interaction models, the design is being implemented.

Developing Web Apps: Here the developers sit together for creating the framework and architecture of the web apps, designing the database structure, customizing classes, modules and libraries.

Testing: Consult a reputed web app development company like us for quality testing and bug fixation.

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