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  • I hired Red Apple Technologies to improve the graphics and atmosphere of my game, and definitely wasn't disappointed. After Red Apple worked their magic, the app was sleeker, prettier, more modern, and easier to navigate. They were always courteous and worked promptly and on time. If I need more graphics or design I would definitely go back to them. I recommend them to anyone who needs great graphics or design services.
    Steven Kucera
  • Red Apple Technologies worked for me and I'm looking forward to use their service again! The team worked thorough on the assignment, and considered all provided elements and references without missing a detail. There is complete transparency regarding the price, timing and effort, no hook or misunderstandings. They just get the job done in a timely fashion. They are also very open to listen to feedback and the service is very friendly and always available. I highly recommend Red Apple Technologies. They are professionals that completely fullfil any needs of the client.
    Raphael Hölzle Art Director, Founder Jewel Seeker Entertainment
Thanks for partnered with us in developing VR based safety training modules. I am glad to note that Red Apple Tech has exceeded our expectation in bringing out the interactive based real time modules being developed.It helped us to train all critical skills involved in various jobs to enhance their safety behavior as well as to realization of real time safe and unsafe situations. I am once again conveying my thanks to you and your team. We would be happy to partner with you for further assignments.

Vinoth Ilaya

EHS Dept L&T MMH Kolkata
Red Apple Technologies has made the creation and publishing of my first game app a simple process - they were responsive to my questions and completed tasks in a prompt and organized manner. I started this process with limited knowledge, but they provided guidance and helped me develop the Second Guess game app in a short period of time. I can definitely recommend this company!


Our experience with Red Apple was excellent. Any communication issues and there were some, were always cleared up very professionally. I found the team to be ethical and honest. The cost of this project was fair, reasonable, and competitive.

Charles Glassman

Chief Executive Officer at Victor Inc
Would love to collaborate with this brand again. They are very professional and work oriented. We had a great experience to work with the entire team

Ørjan Skjold

Digital Sales Manager
You guys have been commendable since the project was initiated. Would love to work with you all again in near future.


Managing Director - Tagsom Edutainment
I appreciated the amount of time they took with me to understand the actual goals of the design.

Mike Lee Co-Founder

X Studios Inc.
Very professional, talented and helpful.I have worked with Red Apple Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for a little more than 1 year and am very pleased with their performance. The organisation is very professional, talented and helpful in their work. The people responsible for our account go to great lengths to not only solve problems, but also suggest improvements beyond the scope of the task. I have no hesitation in recommending Red Apple Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to other.


Managing Director Effective Source
Highly professional team of developers. The process was clear and smooth (worked according to designated milestones). Very honest and hard working.

Jan Kastner

AdApp Technologies ApS
We are satisfied with Red Apple Technologies and recommend them for your development and design solutions.

Rupak Das

Science60 Training Head products & Training
After searching for a game studio that fits my requirements i have to say that i have worked with Red Apple and they did a good job. They did their best to resolve the issues that appeared on the way and completed the job.Thank you guys!

Radu Cristian(Co-Founder)

Sc Oscar Intermed SRL
I got a chance to work with Red Apple for the development of our mobile app. Sajan is an excellent customer focused strategic Business development professional. From the initial proposal to development to maintenance/support of the project, the outstanding support and efforts of Red Apple are highly appreciated. Red Apple is an excellent contributor in any customer facing role.

Santhosh Narayanan

“I’ve worked with Red Apple Technologies on an html5 game development. The whole team is really proactive and dedicated to deliver a final product with the best quality. Even if the project required a couple adjustments, the team’s skills, support and reactivity has always been highly appreciated. I strongly recommend Red AppleTech for your mobile project development and I’ll be happy to renew our collaboration in the future.”


"I have to say that Red Apple Technologies is an amazing game developing company and nice guys to work with. They won't leave until everything works well and develop high quality games. If you're interested in a high quality game, Red Apple Technologies should be one of your first choices!"


Owner, DR Games
"What can I say after working with Red Apple? First of all that I will continue to work with them. Red Apple is a reliable and solid business partner. The development team is always ready to solve problems and showed me dynamism and great technical and creative skills."



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