Summary of Augmented & Virtual Reality App Development

AR & VR are modern technologies which help in creating interactive apps for mobile devices. Using these technologies your mobile device will be capable in mixing the real world surroundings with those being reflected onscreen by accessing the camera of the device. In other words, it helps businesses and developers in overlaying digital data by incorporating real world objects.

Augmented Reality has been a huge craze among the developers of today as an innovative technology.

These two technologies have deeply influenced the landscape of mobile app technology and as a result has been adopted by multiple industries in showcasing their products and services for the targeted audience.

This technology has an addictive ability to engage and attract users to meet their desired aims and objectives. There are two distinct forms of AR apps: marker-based and location based. The use of location based AR apps helps in utilizing the exclusive capabilities of the mobile devices for monitoring the position of each device.

Two Distinct Forms of AR Apps: marker-based and location based. The use of location based AR apps helps in utilizing the exclusive capabilities of the mobile devices for monitoring the position of each device. It further helps in providing contextual data depending on the definite location of an

individual device. On the other hand, using marker based AR apps an user can see a virtual UI on top of an object which has been pointed by his/her smartphone.

In this current age of innovation and technological advancement, Virtual Reality as an advanced technology has gained immense popularity. Now the app development companies have understood its importance and have started incorporating it into the process of development. By the virtue of this technology the communication process gets streamlined and the users can have interactive experiences. Right from manufacturing to entertainment VR has proved its mettle in diverse businesses with utmost efficiency and accuracy.


Exclusive Benefits of AR & VR App Development in 3 Steps

Hire AR & VR app developers to create immersive games along with enabling customers to avail their desired products and services smoothly and conveniently.


AR apps can perform the responsibility of a virtual instructor for regular maintenance-checking tyre pressure, changing oil etc.


Helps in enhancing product sales using attractive brand contents-TV footage, music videos etc.


AR apps focuses upon interactive learning by emphasizing the core subjects of interest


Sterling Features of AR & VR Apps

Enhanced learning experience: This technology is highly suitable for education industry. It facilitates in imparting interactive learning thus making it interesting and pleasant. Professional training becomes convenient using this technique as employees can enhance their core competencies. Students can also learn their subjects via different audio visual elements with VR.

Improved productivity: In today's competitive business scenario each and every business looks for increased prodictivity. But how to keep pace with the increasing demands? With VR gaining popularity you can smoothly conduct meetings even in far off places with ease and convenience. Generating new ideas along with testing new products is also another vital activity which becomes quite intersting with VR implications.

Furniture App: Multiple AR based shopping apps are available on the internet which can be used easily for purchasing home furniture. Such apps can help users to add virtual furniture digitally in the actual space of the room.

So using the apps you can place photo-realistic virtual furniture in your room to have an idea regarding the actual look & feel.

Virtual Dressing App: AR technology has created apps which can help in integrating retail cloth stores through AR mirrors. For example, Trialkart is an online dressing room app which can be used to try products listed online and visualize how it would suit you. You can also purchase your favorite accessories using this app.


Impact of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Apps on Businesses

Future of marketing: AR & VR apps help in getting connected with the targeted audience in an innovative and creative way. Companies like to use AR & VR apps in their advertising and communication process so that the prospective customers can have a vivid impression of their desired brand.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality creates ample opportunities for communicating with the customers regarding any special discounts, offers or even launching of new products/services.

Maximum Users: AR being an advanced concept has been deeply influenced by the growth in technology. From business to entertainment AR has mastered all. The immersive nature & scope of AR apps has made them widely acceptable in creating engaging apps for enterprises & gaming. The reach of AR technology can benefit different types of business-manufacturing, retail, IT, telecom, fashion etc to serve varied

Demands with ease and convenience. Similarly AR apps can be used for creating multiple games which are both immersive and distinctive for attracting and retaining players.

Social Media Platforms: The social media platforms have gained prominence in recent times. Such platforms are mainly used to strengthen and increase social networks online. Hire our AR app developers to create engaging and an everlasting impression for attracting and retaining customers across the globe.

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