Importance of Android App Development

The operating system of Android has been specially designed for mobile phones/devices. Developed by Google, Android is based on Linux Kernel along with other open sources softwares. Android runs smoothly on all touchscreen mobile

gadgets like tablets and smartphones. But with time, Android OS has been developed further and now it can be used seamlessly in Android TV, auto cars, watches, camera etc. In 2005 Google purchased Android developed by Android Inc. Different types of applications such as music player, games etc are created for smartphones which run on Android. Currently Google Play Store features more than 3.3 million applications. The apps which are executable can be installed via a package or bundle known as Android Package Kit (APK).

For Android, programming is essentially done in two languages- Extension Markup Language (XML) and Java or C++. However, in recent times, Kotlin is being preferred. XML deals with the front end with respect to layouts, presentation, blueprint etc, while Kotlin or Java acts as a back-end dealing with variables, working of buttons, storing etc.


Benefits of Our Working In3 Steps

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Broadcast Receivers

It helps in responding to messages from the system or from other apps. Ex: to launch Battery Saver app.

Content Provider

It helps in transferring data from one application to the other on request of other applications.


Unique Features of Android App Development

The unique features of Android apps help in making it popular among the users to meet their desired purpose. Android Manifest: This is an XML file which is the base of project source set. It helps in describing the vital and

necessary information regarding the Android build tools, apps, Google Play and Android operating system. This apart Android Manifest also contains permission that the apps may require for executing definite tasks. Furthermore, the software and the hardware features of the apps are also contained here that determines the apps’ compatibility on Play Store.

Java Folder: It contains the java files that are necessary for performing the background tasks of the apps. This folder consists functionalities of buttons, storing, calculations, toast

(small popup message), programming functions etc.

Resource Folder: Various resources that are used in the apps are stored here. For example, it consists of sub-folders such as mipmap, raw, values, drawable, layout etc. Images are contained in the drawables. The XML files are contained in the layout sub-folder for defining the user interface. Resources files such as music file, audio file are contained in raw. Values are used for storing integers, clors etc.


Vital Prospects Of Android App Development Company

Hardware independence: Hardware plays an important role for developing Android apps. Java platform is used for Android app development which has made the process cross-platform. Hire android app developers who are

proficient in Eclipse, Android Studio, Fabric, Intellij IDEA and other Android development tools are used for creating variety of apps which can be downloaded on Mac OS, Linux, Windows etc.

Kotlin and Java as programming languages: Two supported programming languages are officially available for Android-Kotlin and Java. Java has been widely accepted for nearly two decades and was ranked 5th in the domain of most popular technologies in the year 2018. Kotlin on the other hand is a new kid in this segment. But within a short time span it has

gained huge prominence among the developers. Rather than serving as a language it provides a strong guidance as a new coding approach.

Flutter: This is a new and free SDK of Google which facilitates in writing native applications for Android using a single codebase. To keep pace with other cross platform tools available in the market, Google wants to establish its own to meet the increasing demand of write once and run anywhere style of programming.

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