It is a known fact that Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the basic language of World Wide Web. From the very beginning, HTML has been used for the purpose of presenting and structuring content. .Its extended version, HTML5, has brought significant improvements to the framework, enabling to be used across several application areas,
The most awaited iOS 12 version has been released very recently. This is a good reason to rejoice for all the iPhone users. This operating system will help you boost all your Apple devices-iPod, iPad, iPhone with respect to the upcoming and futuristic applications. Some noteworthy features of iOS 12 include speed and performance, better
There were massive struggles from all corners of the country against the atrocities of the British Rule. Indian independence has been a glorious event that has shaped the future of the country. This year will be the 72nd year of Independence. People remember the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our better tomorrow. Our
Now a days, the popularity of smartphones is not confined to entertainment only. It has become a useful tool for business purpose. In today’s time majority of the business activities are monitored by using business apps from your smartphones. It has been observed that approximately 90 percent of the users of smartphones are Android users.
How information can make you smarter in the current time? The medium of internet usage can be innovatively utilized through cloud based applications. The technology of Internet of Things is a unique concept that can make anything smarter. The impact of IoT is immense on different industries. This is the latest wave of technology which
The traditional tablets and laptops have been dominated by the increasing use of smartphones these days. The smartphone devices are getting more and more versatile due to the massive growth and development of modern science and technology. The mobile application industry is experiencing a natural upsurge due to the excellent progress in technological usages. The