CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


To have or not to have an app for own business? Presently, is this the prime question in your entrepreneurial life? What are the factors you are weighing? ROI? Growth in brand awareness and consequent sales? Success in customer acquisition and retention? Well, learn that – When functioning through own app, globally renowned brands have
To always stay “a step ahead” of competitors – doesn’t this remain a principal aim of you, the entrepreneur? Well, recognize that not only you, this is what your very competitor thinks as well. But how to be “a step forward” from rivals in real-time? By maintaining an up-scale product quality? Offering the best-possible price?
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These days both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as a technology has become popular among businesses and professionals. These two are reigning trends in the industry of mobile app and game development. AR and VR implications have a deep impact in every sphere of today’s businesses right from communication to customer satisfaction. We at Red
GITEX 2019
It is a really proud and happy moment for us to announce that we are going to attend this year’s Gitex event at Dubai. This event will be held in the month of October and will continue for 5 consecutive days – 6th to 10th. In this event we will mainly showcase you diverse technical
Although most of us do not have our own Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and devices, but still we have experienced this technology in some way or the other. It is one of those immersive technologies which can create a deep impact across businesses like manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, retail etc. Out of all the major
The year 2018 has been huge for AR (Augmented Reality). It’s influence is going beyond what has been expected. Multinational organizations like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon have already embraced this technology and have grown exponentially. With this type of popularity it is getting consolidated in the worldwide market. With advanced and customised solutions AR technology