CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


Online casino gambling is a growing market whose worth is expected to be more than 94 billion dollars in 2024 according to market research reports. Its current value is 46 billion dollars which means that it will become more than double in the coming years. Considering the forecast period between 2019-2024, the global online gambling
Constant efforts are being made all over the world to make education interactive so that learning gets more effective and engaging. We are into a digital age where search engines are being used to obtain information quickly and e-books that inform us immediately even on the go. So why don’t we consider using immersive technologies

How to Monetize Apps in 2020

By app monetization, we basically mean utilising the available user base to generate money through app usages. Owing to the increase in smartphone users across the globe, the demands for app development has also grown up exponentially. Now to keep pace with the competitive market companies are adopting ways to make apps popular and successful.
VR being an addictive technology has taken the world by storm and is expected to expand more in the near future. The advanced technologies have literally changed our perception of the world along with the global business scenario. VR or virtual reality is already an established name in the spectrum of gaming, but it is
VR or Virtual Reality is an interactive platform which when used can deliver a 3D experience with respect to any products or services across the globe. In other words, it helps in creating an artificial environment within which users can interact with any elements- be it a gaming character, a car, receiving training or education
VR or Virtual Reality is an immersive technology which facilitates in creating diverse applications that can be used for different purpose across industries. With its vast prospects and interactive features, VR has gained immense popularity across the globe. VR till date is evolving with new and advanced functionalities that are incorporated to meet the training