List of the top 10 html5 game development companies
The industry of game development is offering enterprises unlimited earning options and business opportunities with the advancement in technology. Presently, the global market value of this industry is over $300 billion which will continue to rise in the coming days. Hence, to establish your presence in this industry, you must always look for new concepts.
Opportunities in the game industry are sharply rising with time. The entry of next-gen technologies like AR, VR, IoT, Blockchain, AI, etc. is elevating the quality of gaming very naturally. Presently, the global market value of the online game industry is over $26.14 billion which is anticipated to reach the amount of $32.56 billion in
Character Concept Art
In a video game, characters often play a vital role in grabbing the attention of users till the end. They help to move forward the storyline of your game which eventually provides a refreshing and delightful experience to players at each level. Characters that are depicted in games are not only restricted to humans. It
Augmented Reality Trends
Augmented Reality (AR) made its first full-fledged impact with the arrival of the Pokemon Go game in 2016 where users have to compete with the pokemons in a realistic setting. Since then, industries across the world are deploying this powerful 3D technology at a massive scale to bring out immersive applications to meet distinct requirements.
Top 10 VR Game Development Companies
Virtual Reality (VR) has completely altered the conventional gaming experience of users by eliminating the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Now, they also enjoy the privilege of deeply immersing themselves in the storylines, characters, levels, backgrounds, etc. quite realistically when playing games with the help of this cutting-edge 3D technology.Right now, the global
Mobile Gaming Industry Statistics, facts and figures
The mobile game industry is currently witnessing massive popularity across the world. From casual to hyper-causal, action, puzzle, card, casino, etc. mobile games of distinct genres have served people of all ages with immense pleasure and satisfaction. It has also resulted in massive end-user spending on various games throughout the year. At the moment, the