Online Casino Industry
As of now, the online casino game industry has registered an impressive revenue size of over $87.91 billion which will witness a massive growth of $124.20 billion in 2027 (Source: Statista). Impressed with the surplus prospects of this flourishing gaming market, entrepreneurs across the world are showcasing interest in investing in this segment. However, to
iot and wearable tech reshaping Elder Care
As of now, the standard of healthcare is visibly getting better and more advanced with the arrival of IoT (Internet of Things). Doctors and medical experts are serving patients with personalized treatment solutions on time with the help of this robust technology. Moreover, the introduction of wearable technology and IoT in healthcare is also allowing
food delivery app development company
The industry of on-demand food delivery is booming at the moment. Many enterprises are exhibiting interest in joining this demanding segment with the help of a professional app development company. As of now, the global market value of this industry is over $254.52 billion which is forecasted to reach an impressive revenue amount of $505.50
top 10 edutech app development companies
Every student wants to receive proper education and training to shine and progress in their life. However, the goal remains unfulfilled due to increased education costs, lack of proper infrastructure, and other factors. Presently, the integration of advanced technology in the academic world is not only refining the quality of conventional education but also minimizing
top 10 spooky games to play on Halloween
Halloween is a fun-filled and spooky occasion that is celebrated every year across the world. Besides attending parties and social gatherings by wearing scary costumes and props, people also like to play and enjoy various types of horror games during this festive event. On noticing the immense popularity of this festive occasion, enterprises are always
Quest 3: Features and Impacts in MR
The quality of gaming has already received a terrific boost with the arrival of next-gen AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality) technologies. This subsequently enhances the engagement of players across the globe with the immersive game world that leads to surplus revenue generation for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. It