For a while now the concept of gamification has become applicable in the world of corporate training. Businesses across industries are adopting this idea to experience amazing benefits necessary for growth and development. Its popularity in the workplace has increased with time and today this technique has become a common practice across the globe. Two
Mobile gaming industry is likely to be influenced by hyper casual games with deep impact. Market reports have shown that in 2020 mobile based hyper casual games accounted for 6.3 billion downloads or 31 percent downloads globally. Before getting into the depth, let us first see what is meant by hyper casual games. How Will
As per the market reports by Statista, by 2025, the size of the AR market is expected to reach 1848.9 million dollars. To know more about its real time implications let us go through this post. Although AR has been in use for a long time, its existence became prominent in 2016 with the advent
Majority of the video games that you play today-shooting, racing, strategy etc include various AI driven components or related technologies. The main purpose of incorporating AI in the gaming industry is to provide an interactive and a realistic experience to players for communicating with the characters or objects. Apart from this, AI also facilitates in
For some semblance of relief in today’s desolate climate it comes as no surprise that people are getting inclined towards games. Even amidst the COVID disruption, the online gaming industry is performing relatively well. This is because people in large numbers are compelled to keep indoors and hence are looking for ways to spend their
To ensure rapid growth of the mobile game development industry, developers all over the world are focused on imbibing prevailing trends and applying advanced tools and techniques. Intense competition and rapid transformation have fascinated IT brands to get into this sector. For delivering creative gaming experiences that will serve the coming decade, developers across the