The mobile health market has witnessed exponential growth even before the pandemic. As per reports by McKinsey, 76 percent of the consumers are of the opinion that they are inclined towards availing telehealth solutions in the coming time. Considering the grave impact of the ongoing pandemic, it would be wise to get into this segment
The actual silver lining lies in a few profitable and innovative domains as the IT industry is expanding and diverse businesses are coming up with different mobile and web app development ideas. On demand solutions have gained prominence across the globe and this has resulted in its increased popularity. Today companies in large numbers are
Every aspect of our lives seem to change rapidly today with the advent of user focused technologies. The incredible contribution of AR and VR in the gaming space globally is an example of this. Recently the gaming industry has shown signs of fast growth and development by using AR and VR in the most appropriate
Game development business like any other industries is highly competitive now. Cost effective solutions along with turnaround time and industry wide best quality are all what you require to stand out in this spectrum. We at Red Apple Technologies work with a designated team of specialized developers and designers who are skilled in delivering customised
Today’s modern lives are hard to imagine without people sharing their moments on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This trend is equally applicable for mobile gaming where players can boast of their progress and achievements, challenge friends and other gamers and generate an exciting sense of community in the process. The rising demands
Progressive web apps or PWAs have gained immense popularity these days as more and more investments are being done in the technology sector to create innovative solutions. Progressive web applications today are compatible with almost all popular web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari resulting in offering customized benefits for businesses across industries.