CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


Why is there so much craze about mobile game development? Why is the value of this industry increasing and what makes investors go deep into making this business lucrative? One major reason can be its huge prospect for the future and its potentials reflected in the past. The concept of instant games has escalated the
The recent coronavirus pandemic has brought the global economic activity to a standstill. Majority of the businesses across industries have been badly hit by the deadly impact of COVID-19 which has put our world in a recession mode. For developing economies like India, both demand and supply have been disrupted putting people in utter distress.
Due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic schools and other educational institutions have been closed all over the world. This has resulted in keeping more than 1.2 billion children out of their classrooms. This critical scenario has a deep impact on the global teaching system. As a result of this there has been a
Games have always attracted people of all ages as a popular form of entertainment across the globe. With days passing science and technologies have progressed a lot and their presence is widely felt in the game development industry. Even in some cases today’s digital games have surpassed the traditional games both in terms of look
The global ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 has witnessed some businesses getting successful while some others are struggling to survive. Among those which have gained popularity is the online gaming business. As people all over the world are keeping indoors online games have come up as a popular form of entertainment for people of all
With the increase in COVID-19 cases round the globe, the majority of the countries have considered lockdown as a suitable solution to control. Following the emergency protocol to prevent further spread of this disease, millions of people have opted to stay indoors. As a result, they are avoiding clinical visits or even consultations with physicians