CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


By real money gaming app we mean those games that are played virtually where real money is being disbursed as the outcome of the games. Persons involved in playing such games buy chips and using real money place bets during the games. On winning more chips are earned and on losing chips are being deducted
The industry of India’s online gaming is expanding at a fast pace. According to reports, the value of India’s online gaming market was 290 million dollars which is expected to touch the billion mark by 2021. This would include a user base of more than 628 million gaming enthusiasts. Prime Factors for Market Growth India
There has been an exponential increase in the usage of mobile apps with each passing year. In fact the internet connected mobile devices are increasing across the globe with US alone accounting for 86 percent of the internet usage. Usually mobile apps can be availed via online app distributors like Windows store, Google Play store,
With the progress in technology and the and the changes in the best HR practices, the face of the human resource has also transformed a lot. If you really wish to recruit strong candidates and work effectively with them then definitely you need to keep pace with the latest innovations. To know the latest HR
Creating cross platform mobile apps has become a trend these days with the usage of frameworks that can develop native applications without using Java for Android or Swift for iOS. Both Flutter and React Native are popular cross platform app development frameworks used for building diverse mobile apps today.Now the question lies in which one
With days passing by technologies have progressed and with it businesses across industries have also transformed a lot. Considering the current competitive business scenario, companies are looking for new ways through which they can improve their marketing strategies and enhance customer loyalty. To stand out amidst fierce competition, businesses worldwide are extensively adopting the practice