CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


If you take a deep look at the successful business leaders today, you can witness ample variations in their plans and strategies to increase revenue or maximise ROI. This is because businesses are majorly focused on results from their marketing initiatives. As a result, many vital aspects often get overlooked in the haste to get
Digital marketing is basically an engaging and advanced technique through which businesses across industries can strengthen their presence, increase revenues, boost conversion and engage clients/customers. In this post, the main focus will be on the impact of digital marketing strategies with respect to startups. Digital marketing for start-ups has got a different perspective altogether. Startups
The phenomenon of digitization, innovation and globalisation have made businesses across industries highly competitive in today’s world. To sustain in this competition each business looks for improved and advanced processes to accomplish the desired aims and objectives. Curtailing costs or expenses is one of the crucial aspects that can enable companies to be more profitable
Mobile gaming is a vast spectrum which has grown up exponentially especially in the last few years owing to the advancements in the latest technologies. Games have always been seen as a prime source of entertainment for people of all ages across the globe. As a result, there have been huge demands of games in
Technologies have always been integral for businesses across industries all over the world. But with the advent of advanced and interactive platforms like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Extended Reality businesses can now enhance their productivity along with ensuring customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. This blog post will majorly focus on the varied aspects
A real technology has come to the forefront is Virtual Reality, which is making the human brain to accept the virtual and artificial environment to think as real. To achieve, what is the total engagement, virtual reality for the business is referred with the aim. It is expected that by 2021 is expected to reach