CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


Students today have become native to the digital medium. The current generation students are fully dependent on the internet, Google or their smartphones to know word meanings. In fact, technology has become the center of their lives influencing minute aspects of their daily lives along with enabling them to take decisions big or small. Considering
Mixed Reality or MR is an emerging trend which has garnered tremendous attention these days. Out of the many industries, it has deeply impacted health care. Using this technology surgeon can perform critical operations on patients from distant locations. Apart from them, nurses can also make use of this to enhance their core competencies is
The usages of mobile applications have gone up considerably owing to the increase in the numbers of smartphone users all over the world. As per the market research by Statista, it can be assumed that by the year 2022, more than 258 billion mobile apps will be globally downloaded by the smartphone users. Using the
With the process of globalization, digitization has gained prominence. This phenomenon has rapidly influenced the business scenario all over the world. As the competition is increasing businesses across industries are striving for a competitive status. Prominent sectors like construction and healthcare have already incorporated this technology and have got immensely benefited. Our recent participation at
We as a growing game development company has utilised this platform in an optimum way to create this game for the Indian gaming enthusiasts. Within a stipulated time period our skilled resources have created this game available for two major platforms-Android and iOS. As it is created using HTML5, the gamers do not have to
To have or not to have an app for own business? Presently, is this the prime question in your entrepreneurial life? What are the factors you are weighing? ROI? Growth in brand awareness and consequent sales? Success in customer acquisition and retention? Well, learn that – When functioning through own app, globally renowned brands have