Hyper Casual Games Development
As technology is evolving, it is eventually helping enterprises to bring out immersive games for players of all ages. At present, our gaming pleasure is not limited to the screen of our smartphones, laptops, or PCs. Thanks to the technological wonders of recent years! The emergence of AR/VR technology is allowing us to play games
top game development companies in UK
The emergence of the United Kingdom (UK) as the second-largest market of gaming in Europe is rapidly capturing the attention of global enterprises. Displaying an impressive market value of £11.33 billion, the country’s video game industry is projected to witness a surplus revenue growth of £19.9 billion in 2027. (Source: Datacity)When discussing the top game
Top Trends & Advantages in Blockchain game development
The emergence of next-gen Web 3.0 technology like Blockchain is allowing enterprises to come across many new opportunities in gaming. This is helping them to attract more players to attain a secure, transparent, and rewarding gaming experience. Currently, the global market value of Blockchain gaming is $4.7 billion which is forecasted to register an impressive
Mobile Game CPI
As prospects in the mobile game industry are sharply rising, enterprises across the world have started to join this segment to earn robust dividends. However, to maintain success and reputation in the industry quite consistently, seeking help from a reputed mobile game development company is essential. It will help you to explore unique game ideas
Generative AI- The Next-Gen Future of Media & Entertainment
Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the most sophisticated tech innovations in recent times with its immense potential to serve enterprises of all types. From writing to coding, and creating images, the power of generative AI is continuously evolving with the changing technological landscape to handle complex challenges and explore new opportunities.
AI in online casinos
Do You Know? For the past 5 years, the popularity of online casino gamers has reached 176 million from the previous figure of 80 million in 2019. (Source: Focus On Business) Besides, according to the ‘RESEARCH AND MARKETS’ report, North American countries, i.e. the USA and Canada, are currently leading the market of online casino