CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


For some semblance of relief in today’s desolate climate it comes as no surprise that people are getting inclined towards games. Even amidst the COVID disruption, the online gaming industry is performing relatively well. This is because people in large numbers are compelled to keep indoors and hence are looking for ways to spend their
To ensure rapid growth of the mobile game development industry, developers all over the world are focused on imbibing prevailing trends and applying advanced tools and techniques. Intense competition and rapid transformation have fascinated IT brands to get into this sector. For delivering creative gaming experiences that will serve the coming decade, developers across the
As of December 2019, there were more than 500 million smartphone users who made mobile gaming the centre of attraction. With respect to the online gaming landscape, mobile gaming occupies 85 percent of the total. Considering the ongoing pandemic scenario, it is very vital to maintain social distancing. But at the same time it is
Industrial training is a vital aspect in the current fast paced world. Earlier businesses across industries used to depend on traditional methods for empowering their employees with advanced skills and abilities. But it has been observed that in doing this, companies need to spend huge time and money to make the program effective and impactful.
You can find more devices being connected to the internet in 2021 compared to people. With the rapid increase of this trend, the gap will be rising in the coming time. In 2020 4 billion internet users were there all over the world. Compared to this, the number of devices connected with IoT was 7
To keep pace with the rapid progress in mobile marketing, businesses across industries are also adopting mobile technologies fast. To stay connected with the mobile users, businesses need to stay ahead in the ongoing competition. From this post you will get to know how impactful the mobile marketing trends can be in 2021. Take a