CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


The concept of gamifying sales is not new. But with the increasing number of developers working on solutions to automate and streamline sales gamification in the workplace, the entire process has become easier than before. Now you may think what is meant by gamification of sales. Also why it is vital to gamify your sales
For businesses and mobile app developers Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are providing new challenges. With time passing by advanced technologies have set in and they have contributed a lot in making beacons enriched in features and functionalities. Apart from improving business processes, increasing revenues, reducing costs, beacons are largely used to enhance user experiences across
VR or Virtual Reality is an immersive technology that is being extensively used by businesses across industries for reasons more than one. It’s unlimited prospects have benefited companies to attract and retain customers, display wide ranges of products and services vividly, impart effective training seamlessly and lots more. This technology in the earlier times could
Undoubtedly SEOs today ought to anticipate the future and should keep an eye on what Google can test, plan or offer to meet the desired aims and objectives with efficiency and convenience. In recent times, significant changes have come up in Google search which have a serious influence on planning, report and implementation with respect
What is Live Game Streaming? This is an advanced technique which involves streaming of live video game content through the internet for delivering unique and engaging experience. During the forecast period of 2020-2025, the game streaming market is expected to achieve a CAGR of 9 percent. In the first quarter of 2018, according to the
By real money gaming app we mean those games that are played virtually where real money is being disbursed as the outcome of the games. Persons involved in playing such games buy chips and using real money place bets during the games. On winning more chips are earned and on losing chips are being deducted