The standard of education is elevating quite impressively with the emergence of Virtual Reality (VR). This leading-edge 3D technology has greatly optimized the conventional learning experience of students with engaging audio-visual effects. When commenting on the potential of VR technology, Jeremy Dalton said, “Virtual reality will help to drive a new age of learning, development,
Top Game App Ideas 2023
The standard of mobile games is evolving quite fascinatingly with the emergence of leading-edge technologies such as AR, VR, IoT, NFT, Blockchain, etc. This is eventually serving enterprises with unlimited opportunities to boost user engagement, and accomplish other distinct business requirements quite smoothly. In 2020, the global population of video gamers was 2.69 billion. By
Top 10 Mobile Gaming Companies in 2023
Investment in mobile games is witnessing a sharp rise due to the huge scope of profitability and business growth. Besides, advancements in technology and deeper end-user engagement are also attracting enterprises to join this competitive segment. By the end of 2027, the mobile game industry has the potential to record an impressive revenue figure of
Play to Earn Games
Initially, you used to make money by developing and selling video games. Now, you also have the scope to make money when playing a video game. Previously, it was considered a dream. But the arrival of next-gen technologies like Blockchain, NFTs, IoT, AR, VR, etc. has resulted in the evolution of immersive Play-to-Earn games that
Innovation in the game industry is gaining traction with the advancement in technologies. This is empowering developers to remarkably optimize end-user experience and boost revenue generation pretty smoothly. It is projected that in 2027 the global revenue generation from the online game industry will surpass the estimated mark of $32.56 billion (Source: Statista). But to
Hire Dedicated Designers
Presently, every industry is seeking to recruit talented and hardworking professionals equipped with advanced skills. The purpose is to blend quality and innovation to ensure maximum end-user satisfaction and to meet other commercial goals quite conveniently. Sensing the prospect of surplus business growth and revenue generation, enterprises are exploring various alternatives to induct a highly