Take Aim with Bow Hunter 2016

By Red Apple
Date: Jun 17, 2016

There are many shooter games available in the Android Play Store. The overwhelming majority of these games deal with guns. That is why it is refreshing to see a game that moves away from this gameplay and focus solely on bows instead. BOWHUNTER2016 is an excellent hunting game that you will surely spend more than a few hours on.

The Gameplay

As the name suggests, in BOWHUNTER2016, you will be playing the role of a hunter who uses a bow to take down wild animals. More specifically, you will be hunting deer. The premise may sound a bit boring but the game is anything but. After all, it is not easy to shoot the deer. If you miss, you may end up spooking the deer. You need to master the use of the bow by timing your shot with the movements of the deer and the wind direction. As you progress, the game begins to become comparatively tougher.

The Rich Set of Features

One of the best things about this hunting game is the feature. There are more than 200 missions in BOWHUNTER2016. As you progress through them, you can unlock new regions to hunt in. All of these regions are highly detailed 3D terrains through which you can stalk your prey. With camouflage, you can sneak up on the unsuspecting deer for a perfect kill. Additional, you can customize the look of your avatar.

As you progress through the game, you can unlock new and more powerful bows and arrows. You will also get new equipment such as scopes that can make it easier to hunt. However, you will need in-game cash to buy them. There is even a thermal imaging feature to help you locate the deer hiding in the terrain. Another interesting feature is that there are different species of deer in the game.

Shoot For the Top in the Leaderboards and Tournaments

The leaderboard feature allows you to compare your progress with that of the other players across the world. In order to get listed on the leaderboard, you have to achieve the highest score each day. If you want get rewarded, then you should participate in the tournaments which are held on a regular basis. If you win the tournament, you can win actual cash prizes. Even if you don’t win cash, you may end up winning virtual gold that can be used for a range of in-game purchases.

BowHunter2016 does have all the features necessary to make it a hunting game worth trying out. However, you must have a powerful device to run it on.

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