By Red Apple
Date: Sep 30, 2016

The transformation of mobile has been quite stark – from the humble texting and calling device to its smart cousin of today, that can virtually bring the world on your, palm with few taps. Alongside, this transformation affects the mobile based games too, which underwent sea changes in terms of their appeal, styling, mechanics, storylines, graphics, complexities and backend architecture. Today’s smart games are no longer, about popping balls to be played with a chosen few keys only, but it has transformed into elaborate graphics with rich settings replete of exciting storylines, terrific sound effects, engaging graphics, attractive prizes, leader boards, chats et al. These games are even becoming more attractive than the ones found on gaming consoles and computers.

To build such an interactive game it is always better to involve an experienced mobile game development company. A niche mobile game company like Red Apple will have the ideation, expertise, strategy and marketing tools to help you build a game of your dreams.


The prerequisite for developing a game is its concept. You must be sure of the concept as different concepts would require different approaches. For example, an adventure game like Bow Hunter need a different architecture, methodology and outcome compared to, an education based game like Dragon Box or Mind Snacks. The concept ultimately transformed into a storyboard with illustrations. Moreover, clear thought should be there related to the number of players a game can support. The “icing on the cake” could be the reward both virtual or real, to won a gaming tournaments.

The making

  • Deciding on the technology is crucial, for its compatibility with mobile operating systems like Android, iOS or Windows, for the front end as well as the back end, as one of major need for the development of the game is the strong backend architecture. For example, HTML5 game development can be one of the popular choices.
  • The choice of graphics can make or mark the prospects of any game. A heavily graphics game is visually appealing, but very slow in loading, which test the patience of customers. Hence, the game should clearly lay down in the compatible mobile platforms on which the same could run seamlessly.
  • Selection of a pulsating background sound can pique the enthusiasm level of players. Therefore we can say, it simply added more flavours in a game.

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