How Mobile Restaurant Apps Can Help Your Business Grow?

By Red Apple
Date: Jan 4, 2018
Category: Mobile Apps

Is your restaurant business witnessing a slump lately? If it really is, then you must be wondering as to why your business isn’t growing. And if you are really looking for an answer, then you can consider using a mobile restaurant app for your business. Some of the benefits of mobile apps for restaurant owners are discussed below: –

Introduction & Why Restaurant Mobile App for Business?

Internet has significantly changed the way of doing business in recent years. If you go by existing trends, you will find that mobile searches related to restaurants have a conversion rate of 90% with 64% within an hour’s time. At present, 46% of customers use a mobile app to look for a restaurant. Some of the benefits of mobile apps for restaurant owners are that it allows customers to view menus and special deals, place takeaway or home delivery orders and locate restaurants.

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Features That Restaurant Mobile Application Offer to Customer?

Once you have made up your mind to invest in a restaurant based mobile app, you need to decide the features it will have. Some of the features which your app can have are mentioned below: –

Loyalty, Rewards and Discounts Programs

As per a survey in 2015, 37% customers utilize mobile apps to look for discounts offered by restaurants. 26% customers on the other hand use such apps for earning loyalty points. One of the major benefits of mobile apps for restaurants is that earning brand loyalty through these apps is much cheaper than creating brand awareness. This is the major reason why big restaurant chains are paying high attention to their loyalty programs. For example, Starbucks boosted their sales by 80% once they came up with loyalty programs.

Features of Mobile Apps

Online Ordering and Mobile Payments

The presence of in-app ordering in mobile apps in restaurant industry enables customers to avoid queues or wait for their order to be taken. The ability to pay for their order in advance ensures a high level of convenience for customers. Once you get acquainted with the use of these mobile apps in restaurant industry, there will be a remarkable improvement in order handling in your restaurant. You will have a clear edge over your competitors as a result.

Reasons a Restaurant Mobile App Helps Your Business Grow

Other benefits of mobile apps for restaurants includes making reservations, availing loyalty and reward programs, acquiring coupons, offering feedback, posting on social media pages and scanning QR codes to take users to a site without writing any letter. Other benefits of mobile apps for restaurants includes smooth communication and reach out to customers, higher efficiency and more affordability compared to traditional mediums of marketing and assistance in creating a brand identity. Consumers tend to spend a significant amount of their time in utilizing mobile apps. Mobile orders help to nurture return business as well.

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As the owner of a restaurant, your main aim will be to make sure that your app is convenient to use for your customer. Therefore, you will have to opt for a mobile app development company in Texas which is well acquainted with contemporary app development trends. You can fix an appointment with the app developer of such a company prior to hiring. This will make sure that the company gets a clear understanding of the type of app you want them to develop.


Once you develop an app for your restaurant with the help of a mobile app company in Texas, generating customer loyalty and efficient handling of orders will become quite easy for you. The footfalls in your restaurant will rise considerably within a short period of time.


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