Got a Unique App Idea! Don’t Know Where to Start?

By Red Apple
Date: Jan 18, 2018
Category: Mobile Apps

Have an app idea, what next? Every business or individual looking forward to having a dedicated mobile app has some idea, but the big question is how to get app idea developed. This article brings you a step-by-step process of how you can turn your idea into reality.

Basics Of Your Business Model:

For any company or individual, it is crucial to understand what is their business model. You need to try and identify things like:

  • What is that you are offering?
  • What is the goal of your app?
  • What is a conversion for your business?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How your app will be helpful to your audience?

Once the information is determined, start modelling your app around these motives.

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Prototyping Your Idea:

This is something that most professional companies do. For example, even if you are in Texas and you go to a professional mobile app development company in Texas, you will see that prototyping is crucial part of their UI/UX designing.

Though later you will use prototyping tools for this process, it is recommended to use pen and paper approach to jot down the cluster of ideas.

Finding Development Partner:

Now this is a point where you can ask yourself “I have an app idea where do I start?” You are done with initial two steps of development. Irrespective of you are a good designer, you will need a development partner who is sound in technical aspect of app development.

There are numerous mobile app development companies in Texas. You can get your app developed by professional hands.

Time To Test Launch:

Now you almost have everything at its place, you may not wonder what to do with app idea, and you may also have the sense of achievement, but this is just half the battle won. You need to test your prototype before you do a full-fledge app. Use the following approach to test your prototype app:

  • Landing page: Set up a landing page that explains about your app’s unique selling point. Includes proper call-to-action
  • Directing traffic: Set up an inexpensive ad campaign using tools like Google’s AdMob. This will help in diverting the traffic to your app.
  • Track the progress: Using tools like Google Analytics, you can track the performance of the page and determine the response your app gets.

Enter The App Store:

Now you have developed and tested your app idea, what next? It’s time to get your app featured in an app store. After adding the final touches (features) to your app, you need to focus on getting your app to people. There are different app stores on which you can get your listed. Some app stores are difficult to enter, such as Apple Store.

Once this is done pat your back for adding another app in the gamut of mobile applications. But is that it? Is this the end of the quest, “What to do with app idea”? Nope.

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Finding Investment (Optional):

If you are a firm and you want an app for your own business then you can skip this step and move to next. If you desire to monetized your app, then you may need Investors. You can get an Angel Investor or normal investors who would fund your start-up. However, to do this you may have to shell out some part of your ownership.

App Optimization:

Optimization is something that you cannot neglect. Off course you know you cannot live by the status-quo. The app store is ever growing and with every moment that passes, there is a new and more sophisticated app being added to the gamut.

You need to focus on optimizing your app to cope with the competition. You will have to add interesting features and drop some lame ones. You may have to make your app more engaging and user-centric. Its only through this you will be able to sustain in this competitive market.


Remember your question, “I have an app idea, where do I start?” Follow the mentioned step-by-step implementation process; this is how to get your app idea developed. There are many companies that focus on mobile app development in Texas. You can pick the right one that suits your need.

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