How Mobile Applications Can Help a Startup Company?

By Red Apple
Date: Jul 20, 2017
Category: Mobile Apps

Owners of small businesses often believe that mobile-business applications are meant for usage by large companies which are engaged in specific industries only. They are often of the opinion that these apps are highly costly or are too specific for a particular industry. However, this is not the truth. Here are some of the ways in which a mobile based app can help a startup company to grow:-

You can have higher engagement with customers

Mobile applications offer businesses with the scope to engage with their customers and at the same time gain valuable details related to their location and demographics via user profiles. These apps therefore, help a lot in increasing engagement with customers and therefore increases the level of customer satisfaction.


For example, using the Wells Fargo mobile app, a user can find out the deposit funds in his account without having to visit a bank or an STM. And in case he really needs to visit an ATM, the app will inform him about the closest ATM machines within a locality. Customers will therefore have to make just one click via the app for getting in touch with their customer service representatives.

Effective promotion of your products and services

Marketing research has confirmed that buyers distinguish between companies which offer Android apps more positively as compared to those who don’t. Therefore, Android app development has gained considerable importance across businesses of different sizes. Apart from promoting your brand, this type of an app can also assist you to feature the products which you have on offer for boosting sales.

For example, if you own an apparel store and have an app which offers users to location details and you can send a coupon which is time-sensitive coupon for an item to customers close to your store to offer them with an enticement for a visit.

Boost your ROI

You can have doubts whether you can having a mobile app for your business. But keeping in mind that the importance of these apps, you cannot ignore them altogether. Research has confirmed that the total expenses for each device for creating an iOS app is less than one percent of the revenue generated by a business. Though at the initial stage, you may feel intimidated by the cost of iOS app development. However, the extra costs and brand improvement which it can generate makes it an area worth investing in.

Increase your customer base

Going by the existing trends, companies which do not provide mobile apps and mobile responsive design sites quickly goes out of business. By integrating mobile apps with social media, you can reach out to people who are in the young age group which you have never done to the past.

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