Why Travel Agents Must Have Custom Mobile Apps for Better Business?

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Date: Nov 23, 2017
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A major role in the growth of the tourism industry is played by mobile apps at present. As the use of technology in the tourism industry grows, there has been a significant change in the way travel agents work. The use of maps, guidebooks and other types of printed stuff has been done away with by travel apps which have numerous functionalities.

Here are some of the major uses of mobile apps for travel agents:-

  • Engage with the client throughout the travel cycle
  • Rapid increase in client satisfaction and loyalty by paying more attention to their needs
  • Real time updation of information helps to reduce operating costs greatly

Advantages of travel mobile apps

The mobile apps which have been launched in the industry in recent times are automated. Here are the merits of such apps:

Easy Access To Information

They provide travel agents with information instantly and therefore help them to save a significant amount of time. From the business perspective, mobile apps for travel agents can help in performing all operations starting from information & bookings to invoicing and billing in an automated manner.

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Easy Collaboration with Transportation Service Providers

These apps help travel agents to collaborate with any type of transportation service provider, be it air, land or sea. The mobile apps for travel industry help travel agents to keep a track of all measures which need to be taken to make a travel portal secure for them as well as for business owners.

Managing Content on Website

Advancements in the field of technology has made it possible for travel agencies to manage and maintain their content on website. They can also keep a track of client’s preferences and bookings using mobile apps for travel agents. Using these travel apps almost anything can be offered by one travel portal. This includes travel and hotel booking, car rentals, insurance, sightseeing and also travel related shopping. It is not necessary for travel agents to maintain different travel portals for them. These days everybody wants all details to be in one place. Therefore mobile apps for travel agents have gained considerable popularity in recent times.

How travel apps make money?

Through the usage of these apps, travel agencies can improve their visibility in the highly competitive industry. In recent times, agencies which use social media and local platforms for connecting with clients have been able to achieve their targeted ROI. Any mobile app development company in Texas which is aware of this trend has come up with apps which can help travel agents to utilize social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. By making use of these mobile apps, companies can get in touch with innumerable users with just a single click.

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Travel agencies can excite new customers through promotional discounts, seasonal discounts, affordable holiday packages and first-time app use discount. The usage of loyalty programs which provide discount on next booking to lucky customers can ensure greater visits and revenue. Therefore, a reputed mobile app development company in Texas can help travel agents to connect with customers before, during and after travel.

Making use of these apps, travel agents can analyze the preferences, needs and expectations of travelers based on their browsing history and gain a better understanding of what they are looking for. The wise use of such apps can help take travel agency services to the next level.

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