Red Apple Technologies to Attend Gitex 2017 Event in Dubai

By Red Apple
Date: Sep 15, 2017
Category: vr game development

We are feeling very proud to announce that Red Apple Technologies is going to attend Gitex 2017 Event in Dubai. The event duration is 8th to 12th October and through this event, we are aiming to shape your business with our exclusive digital solutions.

The discussion themes of us at Gitex Dubai will be Mobile apps and Game Development, AR/VR technology, IoT, Backend Coding, Digital Marketing, etc.

About Gitex Technology Week and Why Dubai

The Gitex Technology Week is a pioneering event located in Dubai, the most innovated tech hub in the world. This event is ideal for a great startup movements and companies that want to showcase their tech solutions and innovations globally. Being a dynamic tech hub, Dubai has setup this event every year so the companies can witness all the technological advancements worldwide.

This event will start on 8th October 2017 and will end on 12th October 2017. In its 5 days duration, it will show the movements and steps taken by the brightest startups and enterprises that lead to the digital transformation of the world.

Importance of Gitex Technology Week

In accordance with the business, leaders, tech pioneers, and investors, GITEX 2017 Event is considered to be one of the most important tech events of this year. This event has its special contribution to the biggest ICT companies of the Middle East. In fact, this event is considered as the annual meet-up of the IT organizations and their clients from the said region.

Companies from the consumer technology sector are taking part in Gitex Dubai event in order to extend their presence globally. So, we can say that this event is a great initiative for a company if it wants to sustain itself in Africa and the Middle East.

Red Apple Themes at Gitex 2017 Event

The themes that we want to showcase at Gitex event are as follows:

  • Mobile Apps & Games Development– Being a leading mobile app and game development company, we want to showcase our expertise in this particular section and our development skills in various platforms like Web, Android, iOS, etc.

  • AR/VR Technology– With the advancement of technology, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have rapidly become the most important part of a business to meet the accomplishment. In this event, we would showcase our expertise in these particular technologies and how these can be useful and fruitful to maximize the presence of your business.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)– Internet of Things (IoT) is the most popular technological advancement which the enterprises have embraced delightfully. At Gitex event, we would give a detailed description of this technology and also describe few other technologies such as 3D printing, smart home, interconnecting and controlling devices with applications, etc.

  • Backend Coding– eCommerce development is one of the most popular things to be discussed in Gitex 2017 event. And we also would demonstrate our development expertise of shopping carts and eCommerce websites.

  • Branding & Digital Marketing– These are two important things to maximize the online presence of a business. And we would discuss how digital marketing could help your business.

We are excited to meet you all at GITEX 2017. You could meet us at our booth H4 – 1 in new Zabeel Hall or fix a meeting today for 1:1 Demonstration.

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