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Why AR and VR ?

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) concepts of gaming is the future of technology that every 3D game development company in India needs to familiarize itself with, in order to stay on the top of the game development community.

Although, VR technology is now being applied in a number of applications in several arenas of industries, it is in the exciting world of 3D gaming that, the spectacular elements of AR and VR are experienced the best.

User Oriented Design and Development

The team’s expertise include the following spectrum of technologies expertise:

  • VR gear such as Occulus rift, Gear VR
  • Google cardboard
  • Unity UI
  • Photoshop
  • C#

The company has successfully come up as a premier 3D game company where, the high end requirements are perfectly synced into the protocols of AR and VR development to deliver interactive and superior quality games featuring 3D content, animation, and high standards of game play.


Consistent Quality of AR and VR Gaming Across All Gear and Devices

Augmented reality gaming without impact and a sense of immersive reality is futile. These are the precise objectives we focus upon to provide our users the complete rich experience of AR and VR games.

We amaze and entertain with 3D games created by the latest AR and VR technologies. As a 3D Game development company we develop perfection by delivering the absolute 3D experience for any mobile device.

Feel The Experience and Live The Adventure Of Our 3D Gaming

The 3D gaming industry is a demanding one.

Red Apple Technologies, is a purposeful game development company in India that focuses on the needs of intense gaming which is a demand for AR/VR enabled 3D games.

At Red Apple, the concepts of AR and VR gaming are perceived with the aims of taking every user on an incredible adventure to give them the feel rather than just visualize the spectacular environment of Virtual and Augmented reality.

    • To give a glimpse of the expertise in the 3D gaming functional aspect, Red Apple’s team has been developing games for several years pertaining to the requirements like:

      • 360 degree view
      • Unity VR setup based solution
      • 3rd party API integration
      • Social API integration
  • AR VR


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