Impact of Augmented Reality on Retail Industry in 2018

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Date: Jan 2, 2018
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In 2017, gaming experts were predicting about the gaming trends which will have maximum popularity. A number of these trends predicted about a surge in the adoption rate of VR device, rise of e-sports, large scale adoption of wearables and demise of ‘’console generations’’. There are numerous changes which the gaming industry will witness in 2018. A number of them are discussed below:-

What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality Trends for 2018

Augmented reality refers to the integration of digital data with the environment of a user in real time. Virtual reality and augmented reality are very different. While the augmented reality makes use of existing environment by overlapping it with most recent details, VR creates a fully artificial environment.

The AR Market Will Grow Quickly

The level of attention AR has gained over the last one year indicates how revolutionary the technology is going to be. The predicted market growth is phenomenal in size. Analysts regard that the AR/VR market will be worth $150 billion by the year 2020.

Out of the projected $150 billion, AR is likely to make up $120 billion in terms of market share. Keeping in mind the fact that AR by augmented reality gaming companies has just started in 2016, the next three years are likely to witness impressive growth.

Japan based Uniqlo provides LCD mirrors which will enable you to see how other hues of an apparel you are trying on will look by tapping on the screen. L’Oreal’s MakeUp App turns your smartphone into a mirror enabling you to try different makeup shades and new looks and share them on social media.

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AR Will be Mainly Mobile Initially

The popular perception of VR technology at present is that of person with face-masking technology which is nearly the size of his head. Many think about AR in the same manner. AR headsets are being developed but AR’s major market is with mobile devices. One major reason for a mobile-first market is that the technology is already compatible with smartphones. So, there is no necessity to buy new hardware.

It is also highly convenient. Consumers will just have to take their phone, turn on the camera and get details of the world just by moving it. From Google Tango to iPhone 7’s dual cameras, mobile AR is gaining popularity. The use of augmented reality in retail industry has therefore become quite common these days.

How Augmented Reality Benefits Retail and Online Shopping?

Augmented reality is sure to play its role in retail as well as online shopping.

  • AR Will Change the Way Marketing is Done

    Warby Parker, a famous name in online eyewear shopping was a trendsetter in the use of augmented reality in retail industry. Their virtual P measurement tool is simple yet highly effective. Anyone to use it without the need for costly home equipment.

    Many glass retailers like FramesDirect provide the option to virtually try glasses utilizing simple online software. Users need to upload their picture and a software can super-impose any glasses available within seconds. The difficulty in trying glasses online is a challenge. Usage of augmented reality in retail industry can resolve it perfectly.

    Trying clothes can be irritating for many showers. Topshop has partnered with Kinect to create AR dressing rooms which allow shoppers to virtually try their apparels quickly in a hassle free manner. Burberry Beauty Box store in London makes use of AR in unique ways. The nail bar is one of them. Here, buyers can choose their skin tone and then put various polishes on the bar. The display then shows how these polishes look in real life.

    AR can add a new dimension to the way sales reps handle business-converting an opportunity quickly, especially for buyers who have less time and prefer quick shopping without the hassles of exchanging products. For example, one app can be utilized for scanning an apparel and superimposed to the customer’s body to give an idea of how it would look on them.

    Another app on the other hand can virtually place a home décor item within a living room. AR can enhance navigation around the warehouse when large spaces and many inventory items are involved. The creation of virtual retail stores of any size enables businesses to stay close to customer with incurring inventory costs and long queues.

  • Businesses Will Give Precedence to AR

    AR will be popular among individual buyers and gamers. Just have a look at the filters of Snapchat which are already highly popular in AR market. Therefore businesses will make ample use of augmented reality in online shopping.

    There are many benefits using augmented reality in online shopping. This includes service or maintenance of professionals getting details about their work to handle tasks, higher information flow between offices and efficient operations. AR could be used during presentations. Presenters can make use of extra information to lay over documents when required. Undoubtedly, AR will be popular among users. But its value in business world will make it successful.

How Augmented Reality Game Companies Can Help?

It is vital to understand the way augmented reality gaming companies may help. Here are some simple examples.

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AR Augments the Real World in a Better Way

Existing AR browsers such as WikiTude and Layar usually superimpose images and text in flat blocks. This position is based on geo tags and data which is offered floats at top of real world. Quality and usability are not satisfactory due to lack of standardized platform.

What if one could see text, images or video content overlaid on a building’s surface? You could have a virtual vacancy sign on a bistro with review data. To do so, there is a need for mapping environments and spatial awareness.

But what is interesting to note is the fact that it doesn’t rely on GPS or other sensors on the phone. Computer vision algorithms and quickly changing camera hardware are more accurate as compared to consumer grade GPS even if the latter has Wi-Fi assistance.

Greater Developments in Game Physics Will Take Place

As game developers are becoming more innovative greater focus now is on making games more realistic. Therefore, we can hope to see more developments taking place in game physics. For instance, recently ragdoll physics-based games like Happy Wheels has been introduced. 2018 will see the introduction of more multi-device physics based games.

The New Year 2018 may welcome several pleasant changes in augmented reality opening new avenues for online marketing and sales.

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