The Year of Augmented Gaming is here!

By Red Apple
Date: Apr 5, 2016
Category: AR Games

4 Steps to Augmented Gaming Success

Once augmented reality was thing seen in the Star Trek movies, but today it is knocking at the doors of the gamers as the next big thing. The impatience of human minds has always aided in the advancement of technology, and augmented reality is the next big stride! Today, augmented reality is the talk of the gaming industry and has the potential to earn billions for their early adapters. In UK, some groups are already using this latest phenomenon in their marketing campaigns to surprise and attract potential customers. Even the social media giants aka Facebook are thinking of ways to implement this new technology for users’ delight.

Technology is a being that blesses its early adapters. Your waiting time in to adopting this new technology could see your competitor’s race ahead. There is no time to ponder; quick action is the need of the hour! But, before you interact with an augmented game development company here are some tips to make your game standout.

  • Script is the King: Never let your basics slip in the hurry of implementing this new technology. Best games stay ahead of the race due to their enthralling script. Augmented reality will create the ambience for you, but it will not impel the gamers to become your fans, unless there is something exceptional in the concept and script. Throw the users into a visual bonanza, but after you have got the storyline right!
  • Visual Bonanza: What gives augmented reality games their claim to fame is the visual appeal they are able to create. The leading game analysts call it: “next narcotic substance in the gaming industry”. Once the storyline is ready, the technology will take your users into a different realm, a realm where they become a part of the script and its surroundings. Whether they are wearing the augmented gaming gear or not, they will feel a part of the surroundings! Create a glitch free visual bonanza for them.
  • Crisp Size: Your target audience might be ardent gamers, who will stop at nothing to try out a new impelling game, but there will also be economy minded enthusiasts. For them, installing a game is worth it only when they have enough storage space for other apps and features. Mobile phones for many of gaming enthusiasts is not only about gaming, it is also about many other key activities. Try and gift your players with as-small-as-possible game size.
  • Wearables or Not: Developers have identified two distinct types of augmented gaming formats – the wearable and the normal. In the wearable format, gamers need geeky wearables having goggles, sound system and other sophistications. The normal format on the other hand, uses your mobile camera to scan the surroundings and customize the setting for augmented reality gaming. Second variety is more popular and applicable for gaming. It allows the players better experience and earns you accolades.

If you want to be a popular name in the mobile gaming industry, then start thinking like a gamer. They choose a game that is different from others, and yet.

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