4 Mistakes Mobile Game Development Companies Need To Avoid At Any Cost

By Red Apple
Date: Dec 16, 2016

One of the most lucrative new age jobs in current industry is starting a mobile game development company in India. As a developer too, it could well be your technology new age career with a bright future looming over the horizon. However despite of being a succulent and juicy industry ready to lap up whatever gaming software you have to offer, down the line something or the other goes wrong and your joyful bubble is burst. What most mobile game development companies feel about gaming apps is monetization by obtaining micropayments as in the case of the apple iOS game development.

While apple users are willing to pay for new fare, the same can’t be said for android users which are a very different audience altogether. When you find yourself in the Google arena, it makes more sense to obtain your revenue from different sources such as advertising rather than fleece your users. Here are 4 mistakes mobile game development companies should avoid at all costs.

1. Don’t charge for downloads

This is one big mistake made by most game development companies concerning android apps and games. Market experience dictates that users are less prone to purchasing a game download and will do so only for good reasons. Adopting the freemium model is the best resort where the basic game is free but with charges within the process of the game or app. A subscription fee could also be charged.

2. No business model

When you’re a mobile game development company in India with recourse to a large potential audience, you just have to have a solid business model in mind. Don’t just focus on killer marketing strategies, game development too is equally if not more important. Without a good support structure to sustain your game, it will be a damp squib or a non starter regardless of how good the marketing. Users are growing more tech savvy everyday don’t forget.

3. Adapting to platform differences

Differences in platforms commence from the initial game development process. Mobile game development companies need to instruct developers to be well and truly entrenched in the process of design and app marketing keeping in mind the varying elements of different platforms. As a predominant platform, android gaming offers a wider playing field to develop design, processing and marketing techniques for app and game development. Apart from technical differences you need to make adjustments for differences on the varying stores which will feature your game or app. This also impacts the monetization of your game in a direct manner.

4. Paying attention to analytics

This is one subject stressed upon in almost every blog topic related to gaming development. As a mobile game development company in India, it can be quite a challenging task to keep abreast of the trends governing the success of game development which is why metrics come into play as such an important feature conducive to growth. Not paying attention to your growth metrics is the most critical mistakes you can make.

Mobile game development companies can’t really afford to wander into a huge market blindfolded. If you do it will be you own undoing as you are only as good as the next new comer in the industry. The fate of your game and app lies in the hands of the user, applying sustaining elements to keep the users focus on you is the shortest route to both repute and monetary growth.


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