2D Or 3D Art, Which Is the Better Choice for a Game Development Company

By Red Apple
Date: Feb 3, 2017

There are just two major approaches to 2D and 3D-art development. It is by these two methods of design that one can create superior quality graphics for 2D and 3D game development. Of course the procedure of 2D is conventional through various procedures of digital painting and then of course photo editing. However it is 3D which requires more sophistication and attention to detail.

The big question now remains, what does a game development company in India chose for major focus. Should it be 2D games or 3D game development? What is more budget friendly in production for better profit?

A good developer in both 2D and 3D game design will realize that both platforms can be used effectively depending on the creative input and factors of technical skill and expertise. Both methods are different in terms of graphic quality too. . In a nutshell what are the resources required by a game development company for creating images in 2d and 3D art for mobile 3D games.

2D-Art Development

  • 2D artists
  • Photo objects,
  • Photo backgrounds,
  • Textures.

In such a scenario you need to take into account the costs involved. Photos and textures are usually used in 2D-art on an extensive basis where considerable time will be spent on downloading and purchasing images. But if a company has an impressive portfolio with a well stocked library of images the automatically costs are brought down. Take for example ,Red Apple technologies has made superior 2D game art products such as Evil Trap, Theme Art Mania and Princess Nail Art Salon. These are amazing examples of perfect rendering of 2D art in 2D game development.

3D-Art Development

  • 3D artists
  • 2D artists,
  • 3D models, textures,
  • Photo objects.

3D artists with experience in conventional art and console game animation are an asset in 3D game development. They understand the factors of art rendering keeping in mind colors, composition and design. While experienced 3D artists can be expensive, hiring newcomers under the guidance of anyone experienced artist makes more sense. In the same manner of 2D-art, a well stocked library of images is necessary to cut costs.

A full spectrum art studio that also offers 2D and 3D art services will always have the best examples of 3D art asset designs, such as real life figures of people, military figures, animals and fantasy art as in the image below.

Pros and cons of 2D and 3D art development

While 2D art is a more pleasant and versatile method due to the direct and traditional hands on rendering of an artist, it requires many professional artists and illustrators to make up a big team.

3D-art can be extremely detailed in terms of perspective where adding animation and large objects are easier. It is good for interior architecture of scenes. However modeling and texturing can consume a lot of time. Moreover natural elements like landscapes are difficult in 3D where stylized art and additional 2D images would be required where 3D game development is concerned.

Such factors can only be overcome when the game development company is a superior one in terms of technology, artistic skill and creativity.

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