How Far Can You Go On Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads

By Red Apple
Date: Jun 3, 2016

There is something inherently intoxicating about endless runner games. After all, some of the most popular games on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store happen to belong to this category. Yet, people never seem to have enough of these games. Therefore, if you are in search of the next arcade game that involves running along an infinite line, you can try out Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads.

The Interesting Gameplay

It is the gameplay that sets Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads apart from the other endless running arcade games. It follows the style of incredibly popular game known as Frogger. Your aim is to simply cross the lanes on a road. Being an endless runner, you can cross an infinite number of lanes.

You do get spots to rest on before crossing the next set of lanes. However, if you linger too long or if you are too slow, a giant bird will come and attack you ending the game. You also have to avoid the obstacles are ruining on the lanes. These obstacles can be cars, reindeers or even airplanes and they change on the type of lane.

It is a game that tests not only your reflexes as you traverse across roads, rivers, grassy patches, runways and slopes but also your perseverance and patience. After all, running continuously without crashing or slowing down is not something to be made light of. If you think that you were good at endless runners, you should give this arcade game a go.

Meet a Curious Cast of Characters

Half the fun of endless running arcade games is the different characters that you can race with. Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads is no different. You can make your selection between some of the cutest and interesting characters ever to grace such a game, reimagined as blocky creatures.

You can choose among characters such as a vampire, a bunny, a wizard, a zombie, a dinosaur and even a dragon. The great thing about these characters is that they come with their very own unique abilities. These abilities can affect gameplay significantly. Therefore, you can easily choose a character that suits your playing style or one that you really like.

In order to unlock new characters, you have to collect various special items that are scattered over the lanes. Alternatively, you can use the Wheel of Fortune. If you are lucky enough, you will win a new character.

Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads is a rather interesting arcade game. It is definitely something a casual gamer or a serious enthusiast should try out.

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