Red Apple Technologies attending Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017

By Red Apple
Date: Nov 2, 2017
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Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017 (NGDC) is the one of the most awaited events of the year, especially in the game development industry. It is considered as the largest and prominent meet for game developers, publishers, and stakeholders in the gaming landscape. India is a booming market for games. Understanding the growing market, NGDC provides a forum for enthusiasts to showcase what they got.

Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017

For any game development agency, this is a great news. Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017 is the 9th NGDC confluence, which will be held in Hyderabad. The venue for this event is Hyderabad International Convention Centre in Novotel & HICC Complex. Registration is on—the event will run from 8th to 11th November 2017. The event usually includes super-pitches, thought sharing, interactive entertainment talks, and more. The motive behind NGDC is to bring the Indian game industry to the forefront.

What can you expect at Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017?

  • Multiple tracks
  • Product Showcases
  • Game Releases
  • Publisher meetup
  • Pitch
  • Bigger Expo floor

On 8th of November, the event will mainly focus on exhibition. There will be many interesting topics discussed on the second day of t event, 9th November. You can expect discussion on Prototyping in VR, ARkit/ARcore in Unity, Understanding player behavior, AR/VR simulation for defence training, engagement through immersive games, LARPS for survival mechanics in games, and more. At this event, you may also come across various mobile game development services which is again a trending facet of gaming.

Red Apple Technologies at Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017

This year, there are many leading giants participating in the celebrated gaming confluence and one of them is Red Apple Technologies. There are many things to keep an eye on. Aficionados can gain knowledge about game engines and make their understanding stronger. NGDC will cover game engines such as Unity, Unreal, AR, VR and more. The event expects around 3000 delegates, about 150 speakers, and at least 20 workshops. You will be able to experience the excitement of gaming industry at this event with around 50+ showcases.

“Speakers at Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017”

Yuli Zhao is one of the prominent speakers at Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017. She is the Vice President of Youzu Interactive. Youzu Interactive is considered as one of leading game developers and publishers in the Chinese gaming ecosystem.

To represent Owlchemy Labs, Alex Schwartz is appearing as a speaker for this event. He is a Polytechnic Institute Graduate and has created the prominent VR game “Aaaaaculus!’

Amit Hardi is another speaker to look for at this meet. Growing from being a Chief Gaming Officer, he now stands as the CEO of Nukebox Studio. After around 12 years of experience in IT, Amit Hardi decided to pursue his passion for games.

There will be other great speaker addressing at the Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017. Some of which are Anuj Tandon (YooZoon Games), Brett Bibby (Unity), Mikka Ahonen (ROVIO), Dan Miller (Unity), Mohsin Memon (Memcorp), and more.

Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017 (NGDC) is something that all game aficionados are keen about. So, if you are looking to set your marks in the Indian gaming industry, this is where you start.

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