Why HTML 5 Is So Important For Any Mobile Game Development Company

By Red Apple
Date: Apr 13, 2017
Category: HTML5 Games

Every mobile game development company recognizes how gaming is growing to be the trendiest and most lucrative aspect of the mobile app industry. This is why every HTML 5 game development company should have a firm grasp of all aspects of HTML 5 as well as be acquainted with the most popular development tools of today.

What makes HTML important in today’s gaming industry

Cross-platform and cross browsers compatibility:

Easy compatibility with all browsers such as Firefox, Safari, iOS, Android, Google Chrome, Amazon silk, Blackberry Browser, Opera Mini and Internet Explorer. Its cost effective feature allows you to develop a gaming app just once to feature across all platforms.

Popular with developers:

Most game developers regard HTML5 as an Enterprise ready technology and will soon emerge in 2017 as a language to handle the entire gaming domain. Along with javaScript, HTML5 can run on all devices with cross platform compatibility and reduced workload.

Remote updates:

The biggest benefits for each HTML 5 game development company, are the automatic updates. Every time an app developed in HTML 5 features on a device, it will always be an updated version;

Some HTML 5 development tools most popular today

The reason why most mobile game development companies chose HTML 5 because of its provisions of development tools that allow fast and easy development from concept to creation in a short time. Here are 4 of them


A fast open source framework for Canvas and webGl powered browser games. Enables lightning fast rendering across desktop and mobile with rendering from pixiJS library to create rich interactive graphics and cross platform games.

Cocos 2D-JS

The world’s no 1 open source and cross platform gaming engine and the HTML 5 version of Cocos2D-x. This allows writing games in java script and running it on all browsers that support HTML 5. It supports all channels of distribution.


As a mobile game development company, one of the most versatile and easy languages used for developing HTML 5 Games and enhance website functionality on the web. It is used in both app development, game development and website development.


Unity needs no mention because of its immense popularity for creating 2D and 3D games. It stands out on a level of its own and is one of the best development tools for any HTML 5 game development company to rely on. Remarkable community and developer support, incredible graphic rendering and export capabilities to 17 different platforms including iOS, Windows, Android, Playstation, Xbox and Linux.

When you’re running a mobile game development company, you need to strengthen your knowledge of HTML 5 and its development tools to extract as much from them as possible in terms of development which incidentally is the best way to remain on top.

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