Understanding the Nature and Resources of HTML5 Game Development

By Red Apple
Date: Jan 13, 2017
Category: HTML5 Games

Although you may be an experienced developer or a beginner in the concept of mobile game development, there’s much that you can learn in exploring the various resources of HTML5 game development. This is one amazing markup language that has taken the app and game development world by storm powerful in creating cross platform and cross browser mobile games and apps that are awesome in both features, design and quality to keep users hooked to the screen.

Benefits of Game Development with HTML5

HTML 5 game development has caught on in a huge way over the years ever since the coding language was released in 2012 by the organization that governs the world wide web also known as W3C. With Integrated support form web browsers, the language is much sought after by mobile game development companies and web developers alike for building integrated apps and mobile games.

One of HTML5’s main advantages is its shallow learning curve. Its well defined and easy concept makes it a less complicated language to learn. Moreover it holds its own against powerful frameworks such a JavaScript as a stronger and more flexible development tool for gaming in terms of modern communication devices. Cross platform compatibility is another cutting edge feature of HTML5 that makes it a much more versatile language for mobile game development companies.

Diversity of HTML resources and game development tools

HTML provides a rich array of resources such as game frameworks and game engines that enable developers to address factors of coding structure and shorter periods of programming on any given project. The best possible approach in choosing a framework would be to watch and read reviews so that you commit to the best one suited to your manner of gaming.

HTML 5 resources and popular game engine choices

  • Construct2: Powerful HTML 5 game creator
  • Impacts: JavaScript HTML 5 game engine
  • Cocos 2D JS/HTML5: Open source 2D game engine in Java Script
  • Cocos 2D HTML5
  • Phaser : Open source HTML framework
  • Easel JS: JavaScript library that simplifies HTML5 canvas
  • Quintus: Lightweight Java Script friendly HTML5 game engine

Resources of HTML5 game development

Every framework under the banner of HTML5 is unique in its own way. While some may be great for 2D games, others provide map editors and world designers for developing stunning 3D games. It isn’t only the right choice of tool that matters. There are other factors too that involve the intrinsic nature of HTML5 game development. It is mainly knowledge and technique, two important aspects of game development that are the true elements mobile game development companies need to focus on for creating the ultimate mobile game.
To acquire more insight on HTML5 game development you could check out various game development sites easily available on the web to improve your knowledge on the complexities and enhanced feature of HTML5.

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