What Makes Unity Game Development So Versatile and Preferred

By Red Apple
Date: Apr 6, 2017
Category: Unity Games

As one of the leading game engineering platforms, Unity game development has taken a quick hold of the gaming industry because of its versatile and flexible nature. What started out as a cross platform game development tool by unity technologies has now grown into a multi platform gaming language best suited for 2D and Unity 3D games?

What makes unity stand out from others is the constant developer support, online tutorials and enhanced problem solving methods available. There are three main advantages unity has over others.

  • C#:

    Unity game development is based on C#, one of the best languages facilitating easy entry for aspiring game developers into the game development process. C# has several techniques introduced into the gaming development process and engineers can use them right away without hassles.

  • Multi platform advantages:

    Cross platform game development is integral to gaming development without which a developer would not survive in the industry. Thus Unity 2D and unity 3D games are supported by PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Web and even gaming consoles.

  • Community development:

    community support is vital for gaming development. Every function of the gaming engine is clearly defined. Any aspect or factor remaining unclear will be answered by a support team on the developer’s website. So you have valuable support from unity developers. Even as gaming technology keeps evolving with current trends, unity is also a constant learning process where a game developer is kept abreast with anything new on Unity.

Four best features in Unity game development:

Unity Asset store:

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of a mobile game development company using Unity is the Unity asset store which provides several plug ins and assets for the game development process in Unity 2D and Unity 3D games. Developers are at liberty to instantly download and integrate assets into their own unity games.

MSF (multiplatform solutions framework):

MSF enables easy administration of your overall unity development through features of receiving contents from servers; file storage, game integration across social platforms and storing profiles. It is extremely convenient, easily customized and provides updates and upgrades regularly. MSF reduces delivery time to a large extent.


Unity‘s integrated level editor provides excellent support in JavaScript and C# for scripting. Unity game development’s rich scripting language makes it easy for object manipulation , detect collisions, create new game objects enhance scenes to help you with game logic. Because of Unity’s fantastic API (application program interface) you can simply breeze through such tasks with ease.

Rendering in Unity 3D games:

Unity supports several rendering development software such as adobe Photoshop, blender and 3D max. 3D model rendering depends of course on how your graphic engine will be using for creating Unity 3D games for various platforms. But it is processes such as rendering support and compatibility that makes Unity game development flexible, incredibly fast and highly creative.

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