Valve’s New Steam Mobile Gaming App blocked by Apple

By Red Apple
Date: Jun 27, 2018
Category: Industry News

Valve announced few weeks ago that it will offer gamers like you an opportunity to play on your smart phones by streaming through its Steam Link app. To ensure this kind of facility to the gamers Valve already offers a set top box. The initiative that Valve took with its online feature of playing games was a significant step which could be enjoyed by even the PC gamers of all types. Due to certain changes in the scenario the current situation reflects that the advantages can be reaped only by the Android users. Apple due to some issues is not approving the Steam Link app for iOs. Valve is however, not too sure about the real picture.

Valve is of the opinion that Apple has declined its approval for the launch due to business issues with respect to the guidelines of the app. This decision came only after the very next day of the news of launch of Valve’s app. Apple also opined that the current mismatch scenario was overlooked by the original team assigned for overall review.

The idea behind this rejection by Apple is not clear. Currently Apple does not have any gadgets that would allow playing of Steam games. Also, it has not discussed about any such products publicly. There is an element of irony attached with Valve in the sense that it is stranded in a situation where it is unable to submit its own app on a platform becuse of vague and unclear reasons. The policies of Valve on permissible content have been vague and unclear very often. Due to this reason it is facing this precarious scenario. On a generic spectrum it is more evident that the trend of game shifting is gradually getting standardised-not from any specific vendor but throughout the industry.

The present day world is experiencing 5G and next generation wireles standards that are clearing the way for gigabit connections. Then why gaming is to be restricted solely in a single room where there is physical location of the hardware. The option for game streaming provides a flexible opportunity to the gamers to enjoy their hobby. Also it comes with a wide range of set up options. The pattern of future trend has already arrived and Apple’s rejection will not bring much difference in the scene. If gamers really care about game streaming then irrespective of the business perspectives they will prefer products that can meet up their excitement and thrill.

For more information, visit: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/valves-new-steam-link-app-blocked-by-apple-from-io/1100-6459206/

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