Can Microsoft’s Acquisition of 5 Gaming Studios Benefit the Industry?

By Red Apple
Date: Jun 12, 2018
Category: Industry News

Microsoft has revealed the exciting news of acquiring five brand new studios at the Xbox E3 2018 press conference. You can know everything about them here.

At the E3 press conference, Microsoft has announced its acquisition of five ne branded studios. Some studios are known while some are new and few are unknown. Microsoft’s studio count has got doubled by the acquisition of five new branded subsidiaries. It will probably help in increasing the number of exclusive and futuristic gaming titles coming to this platform.

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Microsoft has got both faith and confidence in these studios. According to Matt Booty, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios these developers has got the operational excellence creative expertise to enable upcoming industry game changers.

Each studio has got a unique journey to reach the path from where it has been acquired by Microsoft.

Given below is a brief description of these developers so that you can have a clear concept about their abilities in the future.

The Initiative: The acquisition of this brand new studio by Microsoft has been revealed at this year’s press conference. This studio is headed by Darrell Gallagher. He has got extensive experience of working with reputed brands like Sony, Rockstar, and THQ Nordic. He is well known for his contribution in Crystal Dynamics on the titles of Tomb Raider reboot and at Activision. Darrell Gallagher is also of the opinion that he is ready to make his team big and is working hard on their next title.

Playground Games: This is a famous brand acquired by Microsoft in the recent times. It is well known for its work on the Forza Horizon Series. This studio was established in the year 2010 and it comprised of developers who mainly focused on making racing games. After its formation, it entered into a partnership with Turn 10 Studios and worked on Forza franchise. The newest title of Playground Games is Forza Horizon 4. The recent acquisition of Playground Games by Microsoft has made clear the sweet relationship among the three. Alan Hartman, the head of Forza franchise has made it clear that Playground Games will directly report to him via Xbox Wire. This studio is currently working on a brand new open world game with their existing pattern of creativity.


Image Source: https://news.microsoft.com/2018/06/10/microsoft-doubles-its-game-development-studios-and-showcases-more-than-50-games-on-e3-stage-including-18-console-launch-exclusives-and-15-world-premieres/

Undead Labs: This is another acquisition in the list of Microsoft. It was established in 2009 by Jeff Strain. From its beginning this studio’s main focus was on developing zombie games. The first title of Undead Lab was published by Microsoft in 2010 and it was called State of Decay. In 2013 the original State of Decay was launched on Xbox One. The sequel of the first part has come out in the last month after years of development. This studio will continue its journey with State of Decay franchise and Jeff Strain has confirmed his support for the same.

Ninja Theory: This is indeed a surprising acquisition by Microsoft. It is the oldest of all five studios recently acquired. It was formed in Cambridge, UK in 2000. In the beginning its name was Just Add Monsters and was acquired by Agronaut Games. Kung Fu Chaos was their first game but it failed miserably. Soon it came up with Ninja Theory, standout action games. This studio got independent after Agronaut entered into partnership with others like Namco, Bandai, Sony, Capcom and Disney. In 2014 Ninja Theory came up with action-horror game called Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Last August this game was launched on PS4 and PC. The acquisition will help this studio to allow its 100 developers work in the platform of Microsoft. As a result, they can avail the latest technologies of this IT giant and can deliver ambitious, unique and exciting games.

Compulsion Games: This studio was established in 2009 in Montreal. It was founded by Guillaume Provost who also worked at Psuedo Interactive and Arkane Studios. The studio’s first title, Contrast came around 2013 and it was a PS4 launch. Its second title was We Happy Few. After this acquisition Compulsion Games will look forward for more opportunities and creative exposure. It aims in making games that will be considered classic in the eyes of new players.

All the above mentioned studios are creative and unique in their own ways and will definitely contribute some flair towards the game line up of Microsoft. The technical guidance of Microsoft and the creative expertise of the studios will come up with unmatched game pattern and style to enthrall the end users. The developers will be able to work on Microsoft’s platform and can use its brand to launch their games on different gaming stations.

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