‘Re-Imagining Realities’ with AR & VR – Prime Theme of Gitex Technology Week

By Red Apple
Date: Sep 21, 2017
Category: vr game development

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two buzzwords these days. These technologies are simply ruling the reign. Hence, the Gitex Technology Week 2017 in Dubai will process the theme called ‘Re-Imagining Realities’. As the name denotes, you can understand that AR and VR will simply dominate this event.

AR & VR to rule the Gitex 2017 event

It is expected that the value of the AR/VR market in the MENA region will maximize to $6 billion by 2020. It implies that this decade’s remaining years will be very important for the top-notch growths in this sector.

Nearly 30k visitors gathered in the Gitex event 2016 to source the technology at the Dubai WTC. Well, we expect that this year the numbers of people can increase as more business owners are investing presently in the AR/VR for both leisure and business purposes.

According to a Gitex spokesperson, the enterprises which are getting ready to launch AR, VR, and AI in their organizations, should know their usages beyond training, fieldwork, and manufacturing. And this way, the technologies can grow and maximize further.

The spokesperson also added that the software building is going to be more challenging in the upcoming years and more challenging tasks are going to be added to the market department of the organizations to make all the projects move rapidly.

About Gitex Technology Week 2017

Gitex exhibition is a prosperous event for the startups and the enterprises. This is the biggest platform to showcase, discover, and innovation of ample things. The event will exhibit 17 ruling technologies, with the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Robotics, Drones, IoT, and 3D printing.

The Gitex 2017 event will mainly focus on the emergence of these technologies and their resolutions to many industrial issues. For instance, how Virtual Reality can improve education and medical services, how Artificial Intelligence can allow predictive government services, and how autonomous vehicles can be able to simplify the traffic services. Hence, it’s certain that people are going to have smarter and wiser experiences in this event

This will be the 37th Gitex event this year which will exhibit many tech advancements in this globe. The Gitex Technology Week will mainly highlight the growing sectors of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality which are expected to be the reason of shaping the business world a better way in the near future.

The event will host 8 Power Conferences in which it will handle the sectors like education, tech leaders, logistics and transport, retail, finance, digital marketing, healthcare, and smart cities. And the Gitex exhibition will also come with a wide range of features in order to boost the integrated visitor experiences during this event. Amid the Gitex event, numerous scholars, industry professionals, policymakers, and analysts will gather and discuss the future impact of technology on our daily lives and businesses.

If you want to be a part of the Gitex Technology Week that will be held at Dubai WTC from 8th to 12th October 2017, register yourself by visiting their official site.

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