What is Internet of Things (IOT) and How It Works for Business?

By Red Apple
Date: Nov 16, 2017
Category: IOT

Internet of Thing (IOT) is a type of ecosystem for connecting physical objects which can be accessed via the internet. The ‘thing’ in IOT might be a person who has a heart monitor or a car which is equipped with in-built sensors. Such objects have an IP address and are capable of collecting and transferring data across a network without any sort of manual intervention. The embedded technology in such objects helps them to interact with the internet. Some of the distinctive features of internet of things applications are mentioned below:-

What Exactly is IOT?

If you are someone who is not well acquainted with technology, then you might think as to what is an internet of things. IOT platform is a type of computer which has a clear idea to know about things from the information it has gathered without any sort of interventions. Using such a platform, you can track and count everything and minimize waste, loss as well as costs.

You would also know when something needs to be replaced, repaired or recalled or whether they are past their prime. The internet of things and services are empowered with means to collect information. So they can see and gather data without the need for any sort of human intervention. So an IOT platform allows devices to observe, identify and comprehend a situation or its surroundings without any sort of human assistance.

How IOT Can Be Useful to You?

The opportunities of the internet of things for businesses is manifold. It can help them to minimize costs by enhancing the efficiency of their process, ensure proper utilization of assets and productivity. The realtime insights and analytics makes better tracking possible. Modern sensors and connectivity has made this possible. It will help to make wiser decisions today.

The growth of the internet of things market and convergence of data and processes would make these type of connections more important and create greater scope for people, companies and industries.

The adaptation of IOT development platform in the business process is of great benefit to companies which are associated with energy and utility sector. Organizations which are involved in these industries can gain significantly since IOT will help them to minimize risks, enhance customer service and operational efficiency.

The usage of smart grids and smart electricity meters has significantly increases efficiency in the use of power by detecting the sources of power leakage. The total installed base is likely to reach 1.1 billion smart meters by the year 2022 as per the predictions of Navigant Research.

Innovations by IOT such as Pill Cameras and Patient Monitoring Systems has also brought about a change in the healthcare sector. IOT allows doctors to interact with patients through more advanced technologies.

How We Play a Major Role in IOT

Be it any industry, IOT can have a great role to play improving business productivity through quick and efficient understanding of required changes. Red Apple Technologies IOT services can help to enhance work efficiency through effective monitoring of parameters and taking the right action without delays.

We can help you update your existing business systems with the latest IOT systems to ensure best results at fastest pace. Enjoy the Merits of IOT that takes smart living to the next level. Smart enterprising which was once just a concept is now reality through the latest IOT services.


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