The Evolution of the HTML 5 Game Development Company: Looking Towards a Bright Future.

By Red Apple
Date: Dec 2, 2016
Category: HTML5 Games

Four years ago gaming experts wondered whether HTML 5 was ready as a language for building games. Every HTML 5 game development company thinking it would be a hit found various issues that plagued their efforts in game development. Issues such as poor performance, no effective monetization, poor quality audio and offline problems were the main bone of contention concerning HTML 5. But then came a change.

Today a mobile game development company has much to benefit from HTML5 as a language that has seen a drastic improvement in its evolution even as the main advantages of HTML 5 are still very much the same.

When HTML5 was the new kid on the block

When HTML5 first made an appearance as the new kid on the block developed from the W3C, its role was primarily for the purpose of text layout on web pages. But then came along the HTML 5 game development company and the world of gaming changed. Here was a language that provided the elements of interactivity, multimedia and graphics. Soon this was combined with enhanced java script engines to provide game developers a perfect set of tools for online game development.

Why HTML5 gained recognition was because of its ability for cross platform mobile applications and features that benefited low powered devices. It also became the future of every mobile game development company as the most preferred language of mobile game development.

What was great about HTML 5 was that you just build and deploy it everywhere. An HTML5 game just needs a reasonable browser to run its application regardless of operating system or device. You could develop HTML 5 for a Windows PC, Firefox OS, Mac OS X laptop or Android smart phone. It could even be an oven as long as it runs a browser. Thus mobile games on HTML5 could be played without URLS or installations and plugins. It was instant gaming.

Top ten features of HTML game development

  • Cross platform application
  • Compatible for 2D and 3D games
  • Enables offline gaming
  • Eliminates the use of plugins, extensions
  • Uses full stack web technology
  • Multi player gaming
  • Uses multiple HTML5 frameworks
  • Easy updating and maintenance
  • Multiple distribution options
  • Easy returns

The evolution of HTML5

HTML5 has advanced into serving as a base for the more highly evolved WebGL that was born out of the HTML5 canvas element and as such provides game developers even more leeway in developing some cutting edge games. HTML5 technologies are ready for the future where Canvas is extremely fast as a rendering element for 2D shapes and bitmap images. WebGL is progressing in leaps and bounds and WebVR is now the big daddy of gaming virtual reality world.

Overall HTML5 reduces the development costs of a mobile game development company where cross platform games are concerned. The challenges of HTML5 need to be overcome and met with a deeper understanding and manipulation of its continued evolution in gaming. In this way will every HTML5 game development company truly look forward to a profitable future.

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