What Are the Skill Sets You Should Check For Hiring Android App Developers

By Red Apple
Date: Aug 10, 2018
Category: Android App Development

Now a days, the popularity of smartphones is not confined to entertainment only. It has become a useful tool for business purpose. In today’s time majority of the business activities are monitored by using business apps from your smartphones. It has been observed that approximately 90 percent of the users of smartphones are Android users. This is because Android is considered to be the best mobile mobile operating system of the current time. This clearly gives you an idea why you should focus in developing mobile apps for Android. In order to do that you have to hire Android developers who have got sound experience and skills to meet the requirements.

The latest version of Android has made the process of developing mobile apps all the more attractive and demanding. There are plenty of  Android app development companies that can help you out with your actual requirements. However, it is a tedious job to find out the best one that can offer you customized services without compromising on the desired quality. It is very important for an Android developer to know the latest technologies so that he/she can deliver the unique services to the customers. You have to look for an app development company that have relevant experiences in creating mobile apps with respect to Android platforms in order to avail exclusive experiences.

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Described Below are The Skill sets for Hiring Expert Android Developers

Possessing Java Language: Expertise in Java language is a must for an Android developer. This is because the root of Android is Java. It is basically an object oriented language. Expert Android developers must adequate knowledge of structure and programming syntax. Along with this, Android app developer should also have sound concepts regarding control structure, variables and inheritance included in OOP concept.

Expertise in SQL: The database for Android which is used to store user data and app is the SQL. So while you look out for hiring quality Android app developers, you should check his/her understanding of SQL database engine. To be an all round Android app developer, one must be adept with triggers, indices, multiple tables, and views which are contained in a single disk file.

UI Layout Using XML: To create a long lasting effect on the applications simple coding will not be of much help. XML will help you to do effective coding to give a good feel and look. To code data for Android mobile apps XML is a standard way. Through XML layouts can be created that can act as a foundational UI definition for Android mobile apps. The developers can interpret according to their own way through XML. Moreover, it is also used for data parsing either from the server or the database in to the Android apps.

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Software Development Kit: The developers of Android apps must be good at Android Software Development Kit. To compile and build an Android app, the developers use Android SDK. Android Studio on the other hand, is the GUI tool for “consuming” Android SDK. The developers should be well versed with the concepts like user input, basic understanding of views and layouts, action bar, storing data, accommodating different screen sizes, getting data from the web, densities and various activities and their life cycle. Regarding the documentation of Android the developers should also possess adequate knowledge.

The above discussions have discussed the factors that are to be considered for hiring good quality Android developers. Proper coding language, documentation, database understanding are few things that the Android app developers should be good at to deliver the best possible services.

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