The Easy Guide to the Mobile Game Development Process

By Red Apple
Date: Jul 8, 2016

Mobile games are no longer applications with pixelated graphics and a simple playing mechanism. They are now just as good as the games that are released for computers and gaming consoles. These days, mobile games feature topnotch graphics, extensive storylines and detailed game mechanics. As such, making one of these games can actually be difficult without the help of a good mobile game development company.

At the same time, you need to understand the game development process. Unless you have a good plan and ensure the proper management of resources, things can become very difficult. The project may end up exceeding the budget or take up more time to finish. It is also possible that your final game app would be filled with glitches and bugs. Here is a short guide to help you avoid these issues and ensure the proper development of your mobile game.

The Pre-Production Phase

A common scenario in game development is that the prototyping phase is started alongside the concept creation phase. This can actually affect and ruin the entire process. It is vital that you create and develop the game concept first before heading into the prototype phase. Otherwise, you may have to keep changing the prototype as the concept gets updated. As such, you must know your game first.

Understand Your Game

You need to understand what your game is all about before going any further. After all, casino games are widely different from education games. All aspects of a game such as the design, the art and the sounds will depend on what the game is about. They will affect how your game is perceived and recognized by people. Unless you understand and know your own game, you cannot proceed with these aspects. If you are developing a game for the first time, it will help if you work with a game concept that you are already familiar with such as puzzle games.

Determine Your Game Engine and Other Technologies

This is a vital point that you should think about as soon as possible. After all, the structure and the playing mechanism of the game will greatly depend on the game engine that you are using. If your game is going to be a complex one, Unity will be a good choice as it is one of the most powerful game engines available for mobile gaming. You also need to check out the other associated technologies such as HMTL5 and Haxe.

Once you have determined such details, you can start with the production phase. Do not forget to hire an experienced mobile game development company to help you out.

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