ecommerce application



Sohrob Farudi


Germany (EST time zone)

Project scope and technology

React Native, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS



Team Composition

React Native Developers, Node.js Developers, HTML Developer, UI/UX Designers

Work duration

20 Weeks


In today’s competitive landscape, every business is exploring result-driven alternatives to elevate customer experience. The retail segment is also not left behind and is constantly working on optimizing end-user experience. SwiftScan Shopper is a self-checkout mobile application that delivers a seamless shopping experience to retail users. This app allows them to complete the entire purchasing process without standing in the payment queue.

Client’s Requirement

The client wants to refine the retail shopping experience of customers by providing them a self-checkout mobile application. This app will allow them to complete every purchasing step at a faster pace with an instant scanning facility. People often had to wait long in the retail store to finish a purchase. This app will help not only them to save time and effort but also serve them with an amazing shopping experience with the incorporation of many leading-edge features and functionalities. So when the client approached us with the project to develop a self-checkout app for retail customers, it motivated the entire team to accomplish the assigned task with quality and perfection. We wanted to make sure that we exceed client’s expectations by delivering a robust & scalable solution.


Our industry experience and deeper knowledge of emerging technologies have immensely helped us to accomplish the desired objectives when creating this app. First, we throughly studied the retail apps of competitors to find out where they are lagging. We also prepared a customer profile to reach out to people to understand that what they are seeking when visiting a retail outlet. Based on the ground research report, we served the client with a low fidelity and high fidelity designs. Once receiving approvals, our team prepared a detailed development roadmap to bring out an outstanding app that serves users with an instant self-checkout process and other benefits that promises to elevate their shoppoing experiences to the next level.

Key Features

  • User Registration and Authentication: Users have the convenience of creating their personal accounts backed with secure authentication measures comprising passwords, biometric verification, and so on.
  • Product Barcode Scanning: The barcode scanner of this app can read products' barcodes of distinct formats like QR, UPC, etc. For every successful scan, users will receive audio-visual feedback.
  • Product Information Display: Enable users to view details of every product comprising name, price tags, special offers, etc. The app will also serve them with additional information like ingredients used, customer reviews, and so on.
  • Indoor Mapping: Allow users to easily locate different corners like groceries, dairies, apparels, etc. on a real time basis after visiting a retail store.
  • Shopping Cart Management: This feature lets users add, remove, or adjust item quantities in the shopping cart. It also serves users with the overall cost after items are added in the shopping cart. Allow users to save their items to the shopping carts for later purchase.
  • Promotion & Discounts: Serve users with customized discounts, loyalty programs, and other exciting offers.
retail self check out app


We are proud to say that the Swift Scan app has received immense appreciation from retail customers across the world. It has witnessed surplus downloads and installations in the Google Play Store and App Store of iOS. Our team is not yet finished by just developing or launching this much-needed app. They are also involved in pushing new updates with leading-edge features and functionalities to boost the potential of this retail in the changing technological landscape.

3 weeks

crafting the design

14 weeks

full app development

2 weeks

user testing

1 week


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