Which One is Better to Hire – Individual Developer OR Agency Developer

By Red Apple
Date: Jul 24, 2018
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The process of mobile application development is indeed an intense process. It involves significant resources who are skilled and experienced to understand the desired quality and its implications. The increased demand of different types of applications has called for more numbers of resources in this arena. In this competitive world people do not have much time to bank on selected resources. For this purpose majority of the organizations in recent times depend on individual developers who work from their own locations and are not regular employees. However, this does not imply that agency developers are ignored. Actually it depends on the time frame of the project. Based on the estimated time for completion the organization has to select which type of resources will prove worthy of the situation.

Organizations can look for a game development company or a mobile app agency to avail quality resources who can deliver proposed quality of services to meet the desired aims and objectives. The individual developers can also prove beneficial in this regard but it is difficult to spot the efficient ones who can fit the bill.

Given below is a comparative analysis between the two types of developers

Cons and Pros of Individual Developers:

Availing quality developers who work individually is a tedious job. However, if you can hire them either via referrals or from a job site, you can definitely avail loads of advantages. These are:

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  • Individual developers are agile and quick
  • You can reduce your cost, especially if you are hiring offshore
  • You can also free up your in house employees for other projects
  • Your resources can be highly skilled and specialized

There can also be certain drawbacks which you should not ignore:

Increase in Requirement: Looking for individual developers will not be a good idea if you need more than one people for your assignments. In case of mobile application development an organization needs few skilled an experienced resources for different segments like creating UI, contributing innovative and unique ideas, review of codes and app testing.

Developers May Disappear Suddenly: You have to keep in mind that when you are hiring individual developers, you are actually hiring them for trading their personal time in return of money. It can certainly happen that they can find a good paying client, or they can also get bored with the monotony of the work or they can whimsically stop their contribution with no valid reason. This can create a negative impact on your business.

Lack of Continuity and Support: Individual developers need to work fast. After completing one project they move on to the next immediately. Hence they cannot remain available in case the completed projects need any bug fixation or any error rectification.

Hiring Agency Developer

If you want to hire resources through an agency then you are lucky enough on reliability and costing aspects. Some advantages that agency developer can offer you have been described below:

Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Unlike individual developers, agency developers will provide constant support as and when needed because all the deliverable are documented in the contract. After completion of the development, good agencies will continue with supporting, maintaining and securing the code to avoid any hassles in the smooth functioning.

Readiness: Hiring agency developer will save your precious time in arranging for interviews and selection. This is because the agencies are managed professionally and they have adequate leadership to ensure that your employee irrespective of the location is responsible, accountable and prepared to take on all sorts of responsibilities.

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Industry Trends and Technologies: An agency developer can help you match the exact requirements of your clients. This is because they are always updated with the prevalent trends and applications of the latest techniques.

The entire discussion has focused on the positive and negative impacts of hiring individual and agency developers. From this post you can easily understand that an agency developer has little or no negative aspects as compared to that of individual developer. Based on the nature and scope of your business you need to select which one will suit you. However, it is always advisable to go with the latter instead of the former if possible.

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