loyalty earning app ui design



Jason Lee Ming Jie



Project scope and technology

Flutter, Node.js, React.js, MySQL, AWS


Ecommerce and Retail

Team Composition

Flutter Developers, Node.js Developers, React.js Developer, UI/UX Designer

Work duration

20 Weeks


As competition in the retail industry is intensifying, every store owner is exploring options to increase and improve customer footfall in their outlets. The LoyaltyLift application is designed to empower retailers to attract and engage a vast customer base by providing exciting loyalty programs and offers. The app also consists of many leading-edge features that will elevate the conventional shopping experience of your customers.

Client’s Requirement

The client approached us with the requirement to create an application that will enable retail owners to create and customize their loyalty programs with various parameters like point systems, rewards, and eligibility criteria. Moreover, the client also wanted this app will also allow customers to redeem their earned rewards and points quite effortlessly. This project allowed us to showcase our brilliance and expertise in elevating your business in the retail industry to the next level.


Once understanding project scope and objectives, we started to concentrate on understanding the legacy systems properly. It allowed us to deploy the right APIs to facilitate a smooth integration of the app with the existing systems of various retail outlets. Similarly, we also developed a flexible and configurable system that will enable store owners to customize their loyalty programs easily. Our team also conducted thorough testing at different stages of development to ensure that the app can smoothly work across multiple platforms.

Key Features

  • User Registration and Profile Management: Offer user-friendly registration process with plenty of options for customers to manage their profiles and preferences.
  • Loyalty Program Setup: Support easy configuration of loyalty programs by store owners. It also allows them to define point systems, rewards, and eligibility criteria.
  • Points and Rewards Tracking: Allow real-time tracking of customer points. It also arrives with an active notification system for customers when they earn or redeem rewards.
  • Multi-tiered Loyalty Programs: The app provides support for tiered loyalty programs with different benefits for each tier. It also helps to measure gradual progression through tiers based on customer engagement.
  • Mobile Payments and Integration: Ensure seamless integration with mobile payment systems. It also comes with the option for customers to link payment methods for automatic point accumulation.
  • Security and Privacy: Provide robust security measures to protect customer data. It is also compliant with privacy regulations.
  • Gamification Elements: Packed with gamification features to make the loyalty program engaging by offering challenges, badges, and levels to encourage continued participation.
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Our development team has efficiently handled all challenges and eventually brought out this InvestTrack application that runs on a subscription-based model. The app witnessed substantial downloads within the first year of release within an impressive user base. Currently, our team is exploring scopes to add more new features and updates to this fintech app to provide investors with endless opportunities to generate surplus revenue.

3 weeks

crafting the design

14 weeks

full app development

2 weeks

user testing

1 week


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